Nfl Roster

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 02:02

Nfl Roster

Hailed as one of the most popular sports in the United States, football has garnered many fans over the years. The National Football League (NFL) has also garnered a huge number of watchers over the years as football enthusiasts increased in number. These football fans eagerly await the start of each season and love seeing their favorite players in action. Each team has its own roster, which is a list of the players and their positions in the team. The roster of the Buffalo Bills, for example, lists Trent Edwards, Gibran Hamdan, and J.P. Losman as quarterbacks, while Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, and Kevin O'Connell are the quarterbacks for the New England Patriots team.

What an NFL roster contains

NFL rosters provide people with much information about a team's players. Listed in the roster are the names of the team's quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, defensive backs, special teams, reserve lists, and practice squad. Right beside the name of the player is usually the jersey number that the player will be sporting during games. These rosters also give people knowledge about the player's status. Fans can easily browse through a roster published on the Internet and see whether a certain player is active, suspended, physically unable to perform, an injured reserve, non-football related injured reserve, or an unsigned draft pick. Some rosters even mention the reason a player is considered physically unable to perform or the reason for his suspension. Reasons for suspension include substance abuse and personal conduct. Aside from that, these rosters also place information regarding how long a player is suspended.

These rosters also feature information such as the height, weight, birth date, and college of the player. Aside from that, the years of experience the player has in playing professional football is listed down in the roster. Football enthusiasts who would like to know more about the players of a certain team or want to find out the ratings and rankings of their favorite players can look for rosters on the Internet that provide additional information.

Additional information contained by NFL rosters

Not only do NFL rosters contain basic information about players, but these can also contain information regarding the player's speed, acceleration, strength, and agility. Aside from that, these rosters sometimes include other bits of information such as statistics regarding the player's catching, carrying, throw power, throw accuracy, kick power, kick accuracy, run block, pass block, and tackle. Comprehensive rosters may also contain information about the player's jumping, kick return, injury, stamina, toughness, trucking, elusiveness, impact blocking, run block footwork, run block strength, pass block footwork, and power moves.   

These NFL rosters are especially important in the NFL because a good roster contributes to the rank and status of a team. Because football is a team sport, it's important for the players of a team to get along well with each other and play their best game. If the players included in the roster aren't good enough or don't get along well with each other, a team's chances of winning is greatly diminished. This is why the choosing of players and the making of a roster is very important.