Nfl Rumors

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 02:02

Nfl Rumors

With many people watching NFL games and waiting for updates regarding various football teams, coaches, and players, it's not surprising that NFL rumors make the rounds from time to time. These NFL rumors are speculations about what's happening to various NFL players or teams. These rumors can be about the hiring of a particular player, which players were cut from a team, and other issues regarding NFL in general. NFL rumors can be no more than just theories, but they can also be backed by a very good source and may turn out to be true. Below are just some NFL rumors that may interest many NFL enthusiasts:

Joe Flacco as quarterback for the Ravens

Although head coach John Harbaugh wanted to have Troy Smith as starting quarterback and Kyle Boller as second choice, it looks like Joe Flacco is going to be the one who will get the position. Because neither Boller nor Smith was available for the game against the Rams or the Falcons, Flacco played in those games. Now he has the chance to prove himself worthy of the position as starting quarterback for more games to come.  

Chicago Bears trying to get Anderson to sign contract

A veteran offensive tackle, Willie Anderson is reportedly being persuaded by the Bears to join the team, but chances that Anderson will are slim. Recently released by the Cincinnati Bengals, Anderson is currently a free agent. Rumor also has it that the Bears are also thinking of getting Chris Simms as quarterback, but that the team doesn't want to shake up the roster at this point.

Ravens interested in getting Chris Simms

Seems like the Bears are not the only ones who are thinking of getting Chris Simms as quarterback. The Ravens, who only have one healthy quarterback, Joe Flacco, are seriously considering hiring Chris Simms. Although Simms hasn't played in regular season games for over two years, he's still considered as one of the top free-agent quarterbacks available nowadays.

Detroit Lions undecided about hiring Rudi Johnson

Released from the Cincinnati Bengals because of a hamstring injury, Rudi Johnson has been working out for Lions front office personnel and coaches. But there seems to be no plans of offering a contract to Johnson as of yet, so it's more probably that he may not be part of the Lions team anytime soon.

John Lynch likely to return to the Patriots

The Patriots already cut off John Lynch from the team, but both Lynch and his coach, Bill Belichick, seem convinced that Lynch will be back on the team sometime soon. Lynch played in three preseason games with the Patriots, but is now a free agent.

Two Cowboys running backs skeptical about Barber

Marion Barber has been named starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys, but running backs Emmett Smith and Tony Dorsett seem unsure about Barber's capabilities. Both believe that Barber does well in his games, but that he spends a lot of unnecessary energy. Smith and Dorsett think that Barber should learn how to be wiser about the hits he takes.