Nfl Standings

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 02:17

Nfl Standings

The National Football League games are eagerly awaited by football enthusiasts. The NFL standings also give bettors clues as to which team to bet on. The NFL standings provide the wins, losses, and ties of all the teams. Winning streaks are also indicated, as well as the wins that the team has garnered while playing at home, and while on the road. The win/loss percentage also appears in the chart featuring NFL standings along with the points for the team and points against the team. The division record and conference record of teams are also among the statistics featured in NFL standings. If you want to know the NFL standings of various teams, then you can browse through different websites featuring these kinds of information. Some websites even update the NFL standings right after the completion of each game.

Game duration and scoring

The scoring and points garnered by the teams affect their NFL standings as well. The objective of the teams is to score the most points during the time limit. A standard football game has four quarters of 15 minutes each and a half-time intermission right after the second quarter. If two teams competing in the NFL achieve a tie after four quarters, they will play for 15 minutes more. During the overtime game, the first team to score wins, regardless of whether the other team gets a possession or not. If neither of the two teams score during overtime during a regular-season NFL game, the game is just considered a tie. If this happens during playoffs, then more overtime periods are allotted until one team emerges as winner.  

The teams can gain points by doing a touchdown, conversion, field goal, or safety. A touchdown is equivalent to six points while a conversion can gain one or two points for a team. Field goals are worth three points while safeties are worth two points. 

Use of NFL standings during betting

Many football enthusiasts also enjoy engaging in sports betting. You might want to try this too, because doing so can give you huge profits. When doing NFL betting, you must be familiar with NFL odds and lines, which determine the amount you're going to win if you bet with a certain amount on the underdog team. These are also the determinants of the amount you have to wager to win a certain amount when you're betting on the favored team.

What you have to keep in mind, though, is that it's not just the NFL odds and lines that you have to study so that you can make an intelligent bet. Knowing more information about NFL standings can greatly help you in making a decision regarding which team to bet on. Take into account the wins and losses of the team as well as the performances of individual players. You should also take note that although you will be getting a higher profit by betting on the underdog team, doing so will also mean making a high risk bet. Betting on the favored team will give you much lower profits, although there's a better chance of you winning. So it's really important that you take note of NFL standings and study these to make a decision if you're planning to bet.