NHL Spreads

Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:26

NHL Spreads

How the spreads work in NHL betting.

Spreads are the score difference being wagered on in sports betting. Many betting sites include spreads in their list of options. It is common to find NHL spreads in these websites. To understand NHL spreads, the bettor should understand the basic concept of this rule. NHL spreads take into consideration the number stated by the bookmaker between two opposing teams. For example, the bookmaker may put NHL spreads of 4 on a match-up. Those who are betting on the favorite should pray that their team wins by more than 4 points against the underdog. On the other hand, those who bet on the underdog must hope that their team loses by less than 4 points.

The rules

To avoid the instance of a tie, NHL spreads are often posted in fractions. Thus, instead of putting 4 on NHL spreads, the bookmaker would have either 3.5 or 4.5. A tie is not favored since the bookmaker must refund all the money of the bettors. There are also side bets allowed in NHL spreads. The most popular side bet in NHL spreads is known as the over/under. In this side bet, the bettor should assess the total points of the teams on a certain event. For example, a game may have a total of 20 points. Those who bet over would win if the combined score of the teams exceed 20. Those who bet under would get paid if the total score is less than 20.

Side bets on NHL spreads

There are also instances when the NHL spreads depend on the range assessed by the bookmaker. For example, the bookmaker would put 10 goals on the NHL spreads. A person who thinks that there would be more than 10 goals may put extra money on the side. He may put 15 as the total goals and buy each goal at $1 each. Thus, if the total goals are 11, then the bettor would get an extra $4 for each goal in excess of the game total. However, if there were only 5 goals, the bettor must pay $6 to pay for the 6 goals less than the total goals scored in the game.

Battling addiction

NHL spreads can be very addicting that's why many websites would not allow people under 18 to place their bets. There are also some people who have lost a lot of money due to addiction to NHL spreads. Thus, control should be exercised by the bettors. Those who fail to check their bets may suddenly have large debts accumulated as they play. Players who fail to pay may be prosecuted. Websites would often warn players to make sure they have ample money left to support their personal needs. Even the big name celebrities fall to gambling addiction. This event is not something to be shrugged off. Luckily, there are also some sites that share stories on how to deal with gambling addiction. This not only relates to NHL betting but also with other types of sports betting as well.