Nick Schulman

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:08

Nick Schulman

A poker biography of Nick Schulman.

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Name - Nick Schulman

Born - Not Available

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When you are 22 years old, most likely, you are doing college papers or working at 9 to 5 job. In the case of Nick “The Takeover” Schulman, at age 22, he already made a fortune valuing at $2,167,500 after crushing master poker players like Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi and Freddie Deeb in the 2006 World Poker Tour at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut. This poker hustler who hailed from the streets of Manhattan in New York is now a proud owner of a Las Vegas exclusive mansion. From a small Manhattan apartment, Schulman moved to the Entertainment Capital of the World to lay his hands on bigger winnings.

The Humble Beginnings
Nick Schulman was a school drop-out at 15, smoked pot daily from thereon, and has very little expectations in his future. The only activity that occupied his time back then was playing pool. Nick was very good at it and it showed in the amount of earnings he made each week -- $500 – not bad for a guy who was more into enjoying the game than actually winning bets. Thinking that Nick was just a kid who can be easily beaten in just a few rounds, he was bombarded with challenges by grown men. Usually, these men will later go home with empty pockets and full of regrets.

The Transition: From Pool to Poker
It was in 2000 when 16-year-old Nick Schulman started playing online poker games. Nick was only using a friend's account when he realized that he has the golden hands on the virtual cards. He created an account with the screen name “The Takeover” and began building a reputation of himself. Nick kicked-off his career on poker by taking on one-table tournaments with $10 - $20 buy-ins. The winnings started pouring in but it wasn't enough for the amateur Nick Schulman who aimed for the taller stacks of chips on the table. He moved to a bigger challenge of playing $50 - $100 no-limit, and to fully maximize his time and profits, he simultaneously played three to four tables. Nick didn't regret the lack of sleep he gets from staying online 24/7, eating unhealthy food, and turning into a cigarette junkie because of the $2,000 he makes every hour.

The Big Leap: From Virtual World to Live Games
Most people believe that it was more difficult playing live poker games than gambling online. While it holds true to most people, Nick Schulman considers himself an exemption. Nick Schulman still enjoyed online poker simply because his earnings from live games pale in comparison with the amount he cashes in from playing online. However, it doesn't mean he found no fondness in playing live. In fact, Nick got the chills the first time he faced the big names in the world of poker during live games in the New York city clubs. Up to this moment, he admitted not getting used to having a face-off with legendary poker players like Chip and Doyle, even after emerging as the victor in the 2006 WPT and finishing fourth in the recent Showboat tournament in Atlantic City where he gained a profit of an awesome $74,495.