Noah Boeken

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 01:59

Noah Boeken

A poker biography of Noah Boeken.

Quick Information

Name - Noah Boeken

Born - Amsterdam, Holland

Current Residence - Amsterdam, Holland

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - Exclusive


Noah Boeken is Holland-born and currently lives in Amsterdam. Like many of today’s poker players, Boeken got his start playing through  Magic: The Gathering card games. Magic was a game that required strategy and some luck. In this game, players configured their own deck based on set rules, and the technique by which they want to take down their opponents. There was no one way to win in a Magic card game, and it was this element that get a lot of people hooked on it. Boeken was no different. But he was so good in it that he made it to several of Magic’s tournaments. He had even traveled the globe to win as tournament champion. Boeken had won the 2000 European Magic Championships. He likewise ranked high in US tournaments.

With Magic: The Gathering already under his belt, Boeken began to search for other fields to conquer. He discovered poker and was soon online playing practice games. Like most who excel in Magic, he found himself earning serious money playing poker online. He realized that there was so much earning potential in poker, more than he can imagine earning in Magic tournaments. 

Boeken wanted to expand his poker horizons by playing live tournaments. He was soon a regular at Dutch casinos, slowly honing his skills and tactics. It was during one of this forays at the casino when he met Marcel Luske. Luske was a poker legend, who became a good friend and mentor to Boeken.

Ever since, Boeken has made a name for himself in live tournaments, especially in PokerStar’s European Poker Tour. At the London leg of the tour’s season 1, he placed sixth and earned $30,196. Within a few months, he was at it again at the Copenhagen leg, where he won first place at the No Limit Hold’em and took home a very cool $191,355 in cash prizes. Boeken has also won several WSOP events. His recent winnings summed up to $201,032, for the 2007 Master Classics of Poker held in Holland.

Boeken continues to conquer online poker gaming. He is constantly on the tournament leader boards of PokerStars. He has placed first here three times already. He is now part of Team PokerStars PRO and is online as “Exclusive.”

Boeken is now setting his eyes on his first WSOP bracelet. He is not satisfied with having conquered professional poker in such a short amount of time. The bracelet represents one of the ultimate achievements in professional poker player. With Boeken’s proven dedication and skill, he may just get his dream in no time.

As a player, he has emphasized modesty and respect for co-players and for oneself. He believes that this is as important as the skills and tactics needed to win in poker. It is no wonder that Boeken is well liked by his peers. He has displayed unbounded enthusiasm, charisma and true sportsmanship.

Off the felt, Boeken travels a lot. He also gets to host several poker shows with Marcel Luske on Dutch television.