Nolan Dalla

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:06

Nolan Dalla

A poker biography of Nolan Dalla.

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Name - Nolan Dalla

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A card player since the age of five. Some even say that he was born with cards on his hands. But most of all, a poker legend in his own right.

Nolan Dalla was from Houston and a graduate of the University of Texas. He was able to support his college education through gambling -- betting sports and poker. His degree in Political Science plus a Public Policy Administration Masters Degree from the University of Texas- Arlington brought him to the world of politics. He then moved to Washington DC, and for one year had a job on one of the committee of the U.S Senate. However, this was not enough for the Houston native.

He got tired of politics, so he quit his job and returned to Dallas. Unemployed, Nolan found a way to support himself for three years by playing poker. He frequented some towns of Texas and had had periodic visits to the West Coast and Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, he came to a point where he realized that he wanted a career. In 1989, he got a new job at the U.S Department of State. He also had training at the Foreign Service Institute where he finished a study on Romanian Language. As a result, he became part of the two-year project of the American Embassy in Romania. While in Europe, Nolan's interest in poker never ceased. He even hosted a popular Eastern Europe diplomat circuit poker game. And for a short period of time, he served as a blackjack dealer for Casinos Austria.

As he re turned to the U.S, Nolan again worked at the US State Department for the Bureau of Consular Affairs. But after a while he became an information officer and a writer for the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC. It was a year after his assignment in Europe that poker was authorized in Atlantic City. Nolan then became a regular player. At first he would only play part-time during weekends, but later became a full-time player.

He has been supporting himself through gambling since then. But Nolan is not just a poker player. He also plays sports betting as well as writes about gambling. Nolan began his writing career for the Card Player Magazine in 1994. "Tales from the Felt" was his famous column. Most of his columns and articles were about gambling theory and poker strategy. He also wrote for Poker Pages, Intelligent Gambler, and many other gambling websites.

It was in December of 2001 that Nolan became associated with Poker Digest. Today, he is the top sports gambling columnist of Casino Player. However, one of Nolan's biggest contribution in the poker world was his creation of "Player of the Year". He used his very own mathematical rating system to ranked players in a tournament. And since 1997, Card Player Magazine has been awarding "Player of the Year".

Furthermore, Nolan Dalla's most notable contribution to the world of poker is his dedication to uplift the ethical standards and integrity of all sportsbooks and casinos. He is noted for working with another legend Mike "The Mad Genius" Caro on an extensive investigation about some cheating allegations. It is his firm belief that for casinos and other sports to grow and become widely accepted, they must be of high ethical standards.