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A new way to fund gaming accounts.

When playing in online casino sites, it is important to get a payment method or option that is just right for one's needs.  These online casino sites like NuCharge and YouTeller require deposit of funds and these are also used to transfer payouts that any player has won to their accounts.  With these, it becomes obvious that a person should find a certain deposit provider that is accredited by the said casino site.

Unfortunately, many payment processors found online are now slowly leaving the United States market.  Due to this, players who are from the United States are now looking into other ways or payment services such as Paysafecard where they can replenish funds into their online poker or casino accounts.

What is NuCharge?
For those people who play online poker frequently, is a recent deposit provider that works to fund one's gaming account through a debit or credit card.  What is good about this provider is that it does not require any fee just to open an account.  NuCharge was originally used to fund phone calls particularly long-distance ones with the use of prepaid cards that can then be exchanged for cash in online game sites.  Just like e-wallet sites, NuCharge accounts can be activated immediately after the initial deposit.

How to Register for an Account at NuCharge?
A reason why payment solution firms like NuCharge is gaining fast popularity with online casino or poker players everywhere is that registering is easy, fast, and free.  The first step is to fill out the sign-up form in order to create a lifetime account for free.  Next is to enter the information for either the VISA or MasterCard Credit Cards.  After verifying personal information, one can get an electronic mail that contains one's control number and NuCharge PIN.

How to Purchase Phone Cards from NuCharge?
There are two ways to buy pre-paid phone cards and these are through MasterCard or VISA.  Of course, one is charged an additional 3% fee for convenience, but one is assured that there would be no charge when redeeming the amount in an accredited online casino or poker room.

How to Fund A Gambling Account Online?
This part is relatively easy.  All that one has to do is to log into an online poker or casino room and go to the deposit page of NuCharge.  He must type in the amount that he wants to transfer, followed by the PIN number and control numbers.  This will ensure funds to be deposited successfully into a player's gambling account online.

Reloading the Prepaid Phone Card with NuCharge
In order to continue reloading a gaming account, a player should visit the website of NuCharge.  After that, he must follow the posted links to his own account and use them to follow the instructions to reload.  Remember that any reloading also entails a convenience fee of 3%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NuCharge
What many people find refreshing about NuCharge is that it dispenses off the ridiculous sign-up fees.  The second advantage is that setting-up a NuCharge account is also relatively easy to do even if a person is not much of a technical person.  Now, registering and starting an account in NuCharge is affordable and easy to do as well.

However, NuCharge also poses several disadvantages, the biggest of which is where one can only withdraw $2500 per transaction and that transferring funds costs a fee of $3.  However, one of the biggest drawback is that NuCharge is only accepted as of the moment at a certain casino site.