Online Video Poker

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:45

Online Video Poker

Play free online video poker game.

If you're aspiring to be a poker pro, but you still don't know much about poker, then an online video poker game is for you. Video poker is a draw poker in a form of a slot machine. Players can discard or hold from five playing cards, and ask for a second deal, or can stand with a pat hand. Video poker is very popular among the Americans, which is proved by a survey done in Las Vegas where 80% of the respondents say that they know how to play video poker.

Although video poker may sound very much similar to the table poker, they have differences that starters must remember. The first difference between the two games is that a machine, rather than a dealer, represents the house in video poker. An interesting fact here is that the machine doesn't even try to beat the player. Next, the player does not need to think what combination other players have, and the gamer also does not have to bluff. Since the gamer doesn't have to compete, he must not worry about being defeated by another poker player.

The biggest help that a video poker can give to a player is that it simply challenges a gamer to create the best possible card combination. The video poker player is given five cards, and he has the choice to dispose of any or all the cards dealt to him. Regarding the payoff, the player's winning is reflected on a scale. A player can have a hand of a pair of Jack up to a Royal Flush. Just like the conventional slot machine, a video poker has numerous denominations such as 25¢ and $1. Video poker provides various bonuses and payoff like Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, and Deuces Wild.

When one decides to play in Les Vegas, the regulation in the city requires that the product of any card combination in video poker is not influenced by the amount of coins played. If a player has a nice hand with a single coin bet, the player must have been dealt the same combination with more coins. The house advantage, which is the amount the player loses to a bet on average, is 3%.

For those who want to improve their skills on online video poker, it is advisable to have a keen eye to the relevant "hold" buttons. There are players who click the hold button too quick or not hard enough, thus, the card that the gamers want to hold is discarded. Be sure that the cards that are meant to hold must be held before clicking the draw icon. It is also recommended that a player must check the video poker that he uses, for buttons differ in every video poker machine.

Another strategy that should be applied is looking for a video poker machine that pays 6 to 1 for a flush and 9 to 1 for a full house. However, it is also acceptable to play with four-of-a-kind extra video poker gadgets. These high payouts from the machine is important to keep a player playing to hit a Royal flush, which is done through having a huge number of video poker combinations.

In addition to this, double bonus and double-double bonus machines are good, but be alert, because they can eat up winnings. Avoid also deuces wild video poker machines, because the payout is pretty low unless the player hits four deuces. If a beginner has learned to have an effective strategy, it is commendable to stick with the approach. Poker pros will also advise beginners not to keep a very high card, which is also called a kicker combined with a pair. Overall, an online video poker is easy and fun to play as long as the gamer knows how to handle his cards, and create the perfect hand from his cards.

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