Online Poker Faq

Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:31

Online Poker Faq

Poker walkthrough and help with faq.

Frequently asked online poker games questions: The things you really want to know about poker and related questions. We are here to help in the big world of poker. See this page as a poker walkthrough and help to get guided correctly.

1) What is online poker?
Online poker is the game of poker played over the Internet. It has been partly responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of poker players worldwide. If you enjoy poker, you will love Internet poker.

2) What is a poker tournament?
A poker tournament is a tournament in which the winners are decided by playing poker, usually a particular style of poker. At most cases you are playing in a multi player tournament with 1000's of participants. The player with the biggest stacksize will eventually be the winner.

3) What is a satellite tournament?
Satellites also called qualifiers are poker tournaments in which the said prize consists of entry tickets to much larger poker tournaments. If you are playing poker regular you should already know that the most popular satellites and qualifying poker tournaments are for the live poker tournament events, like the the world series of poker, the WSOP and world poker tour, the WPT.

4) How do I play texas hold'em, omaha and seven-card stud?
Learn to play poker like a pro at ixgames poker school.

5) What is a poker freeroll?
Freeroll poker tournaments are poker games with no entry fee.

6) What skills are important for online poker?
As a matter of fact most of the time players fail to remember that poker isn't about the cards you hold at any given moment, it's about other people and their cards.

7) What is the World Series of Poker?
The World Series of Poker is the largest poker tournaments in the world. It is held annually in Las Vegas.

8) Is online poker on the internet safe?
The Internet poker business is built on trust and safe. So the answer is yes.

9) Where are the online poker rooms located?
The licensing and regulation of online poker sites are located at many different places.

10) How do I decide which online poker room are right for me?Search through and read ixgames online poker reviews. There are poker rooms for everybody and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

11) What sort of online poker games are available?
Texas hold'em poker, omaha hi poker, omaha hi-lo poker, 7 card stud poker and 5 card stud poker.

12) How do I find the best poker room signup bonuses?
Go to ixgames home page and take a look at the poker bonus codes offered.

13) How to download and install a poker software?
Follow the poker site on-screen instructions. It's very easy to follow and you are online in no time at all. 

14) How old do I have to be to play poker at a poker site?
Playing poker ranges from state to state, but as a general rule, you must be 18 to take part in any form of online poker gaming.

15) How do online poker rooms make money?
Poker sites make their money by taking a percentages of the final pool for each poker game also called rake or entry fee.

16) Can I play poker for free?
There are many high quality sites that offers free poker tables.

17) Can I find poker games systems that works?
The Internet is full of people selling poker software statistics systems with promises of beating other players. Most of these softwares are no good so don't waste your money. Get good at poker the hard way and that's by playing and training building up an experience at the game.

18) How can I win?
Calculate the odds against you, and if the return is greater than the odds, make the bet.
If the odds are in your favor, bet as heavily as you can. You can also read more about odds making in ixgames poker school. 

19) What is a poker bonus code?
Poker bonus codes are used by a poker player that signs up to a poker room that he or she has never signed up to before.

20) What is reload poker bonus code?
It's a loyalty bonus.

21) If I refer new poker customers will I receive a referral bonus?
Yes - For detailed information go to the correspondent page at the poker site to read more about this.

22) What are my chances of winning online?
There are many advantages with playing poker online compared with live poker. One is that the game is played at a higher pace. This makes it possible for a good player to win money faster.

23) Is it possible to win big in poker?
Take a look at past wsop winners.

24) Where can I find complete detailed instructions on the various poker games?
Please visit our poker school.

25) If I win big, do I need to declare this income on my taxes?
The safest way in life is to declare all income on your income taxes, and ixgames recommends this.
(For Americans - the IRS has a guide for this, guide 529, available at the website).

26) Can I chat with other poker players?
If chat Is available in-game yes. At most poker rooms this is available, you can also use ixgames poker forum.

27) How do I deposit money into my account at the poker room?
There are a selection of different online poker deposit methods that poker players have the option to choose from. Look at payment solutions and see what's suits you best.

28) Is my credit card number safe?

29) Are my transactions secure?
Yes - Poker sites uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption to protect the details of your electronic transactions over the internet.

30) Do I need a high-speed internet connection to play online?

31) Is poker customer support working?
All poker sites on ixgames answers your emails 24 hours day, 7 days a week. Some even have phone support or live support.

32) What does OPR mean?
Official poker rankings.

33) What does MTT mean?
MTT is an abbreviation for "multi table tournament".

34) What does SNG mean?
Is an abbreviation for "sit and go" tournament.

35) What is a no deposit online poker room?
You will get money just for signing up to a poker room - without making a deposit. But these rooms are very rare.

35) If I win, how long does it take to be paid-out?
Read the poker room rules, remember every poker site has different rules.

36) What happens if my internet connection fails during a game?
You must look at the rules of each poker room as each poker room has differs in how they handle situations like this. At most cases you will fold and sit out if your internet connection fails.

37) Where can I find the latest news and information about online poker?
You can find It at our poker blog which is packed with poker news.

38) Is playing poker online illegal?
Check with your own local authorities to see if online poker is legal in your area before beginning to play online.

39) What should I do if I think I have a gambling problem?
When one has a gambling problem, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what life would be like without gambling, so it is hard to imagine quitting. Therapists understand that, and will work with you to quit gambling, or to cut down so that it doesn’t cause as much disruption to you and your family.

40) Who becomes a problem gambler?
A problem gambler can from all sides of society and can be male or female, young or middle-aged, old, wealthy or poor, white, or people of color.

41) How do I know if a poker room is playing fair?
Poker sites are 100% dedicated in providing the safest, and most secure and trustworthy online poker environment. Constantly developing systems to perfect security online. It's also wise to choose a poker room at ixgames poker room reviews as they are all serious in poker business.

42) Can I bet on credit?
No, there is no way of betting on credit.

43) Do many people actually play poker online?
They are too many to count.

44) How do I contact the poker site?
Go to the poker sites contact page.

45) What should I do if I lost my account details / password?
Contact the poker sites support service.

46) Do poker rooms cheat?
I'm sure poker sites knows that rigging the deck would be the absolute worst thing they could do to shoot themselves in the foot. The chances are unlikely.

47) What happens if two players have the same hand? How do you divide the pot?
They split the pot equally between them.

48) What poker rooms does ixgames recommend?
Take a look at ixgames poker reviews and see for yourself how the poker rooms are rated.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact team ixgames at anytime.
Ixgames can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also visit our forum and ask questions there. Enjoy our website.