Pai Gow Poker

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:32

Pai Gow Poker

Online pai gow poker with strategy and rules.

If two cultures were brought together for a long time, not really assimilating each other but rather taking the best from one another, then they form a new culture. This is similar to how Chinese immigrants have adapted to living with Americans while maintaining their own culture. It is in the same way that Americans have developed a taste for Chinese food or are influenced by Chinese customs. This dynamism extends to gambling and Pai Gow poker is the result.

Pai Gow poker is a fusion of two games: Pai Gow and poker. Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese domino game wherein each player are given four pieces to create his hand. Getting a sum of nine out of the four pieces makes one a winner. Poker, as most people know, is a card game that is both a matter of skill and psychology. It also has the same goal of creating the best hand out of the available cards. Pai Gow poker, as a combination of the two, took the Chinese idea of creating the best front and back hand except that instead of four, each player are dealt seven cards. The rules of the Chinese domino game were also modified to adapt the use of cards and the sensibilities of the American gambler.

More than anything else, the Western influence over Pai Gow poker is seen in the way that the game is played in casinos, more so in online gambling sites. Indeed, fans of Pai Gow and poker can enjoy the two by learning how to play Pai Gow poker online. Slowly becoming a standard poker variant in online casinos, the game is steadily developing its own following from enthusiasts from both cultures.

Players who are new to the game can easily understand Pai Gow poker concepts especially if they know half of the fusion. Pai Gow players only have to include the use of the cards while poker players only have to contend with a few special rules. However, for those who are entirely new to this poker variant, there are lots of ways to learn the game with the number of available online resources.

Before attempting to study Pai Gow poker rules, it is deemed best for new players to learn a few of the common expression used in the game since jargon is used in explaining the game rules. There are websites and online casinos that provide their own Pai Gow poker glossaries. Although the terms are basically the same as that of traditional poker, there are a few specialized ones reserved for this particular variant. Once a player is familiar with the use and the meaning of these common expressions, it would be easy for him to study the rules and even formulate his own Pai Gow poker strategy. Browsing through casino online resources is also a good way to pick up Pai Gow poker tips.

Ultimately, experience is still the best teacher. But, unfortunately, getting experience in playing any kind of poker is a risky business especially for new players. This said, it is a good idea for players to get some practice by using free Pai Gow poker downloads. If there aren't any, players can opt to play in online casinos offering free Pai Gow poker games. With practice and careful selection of gaming websites by considering online casino reviews, one can have an easy time understanding and mastering Pai Gow poker.

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