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A type of sports wager and computing for parlay payoffs.

Online sportsbooking makes watching a race or a sports game more interesting. Aside from watching an exciting game, online sportsbooking gives a different kind of thrill to spectators and bettors. This is because the result of the game also determines the winners in a sports bet. More people are engaging in online sportsbooks, however, not everyone understands the terms used in betting. It is very important to know the different concepts in sportsbooking so that people will be more knowledgeable about betting.

Parlay: A Type of Sports Wager
Among the concepts that are used in online sportsbooking are the sports wager. Any bettor must know the different types of sports wager to decide on how he will place his bets. Sports wagers are divided into two groups: the European style and the North American style. Under the European style, there are sports wagers that are called single, double, over/under, and lucky 15. If a bettor places his bets the European style, then he may have also encountered the terms Trixie, Goliath, and Super Yankee.

On the other hand, in North American style, the terms straights, totals, teasers, and mixed teasers are commonly used. Among the kinds of sports wagering that is always used is parlay. A parlay, which is also called accumulator, is one bet that links many single wagers. A parlay depends greatly on the wagers that win together. Some bettors opt to have a parlay bet because it gives high payouts. However, when a bet in a parlay loses, the whole parlay loses as well. To fully understand a parlay, here is a quick example:

A bettor places his parlay on three NFL teams: Bears, Bengals, and Lions. He will win the parlay if and only if he individually wins all three of the components. But if any of his components loses, he will not have the chance to win the parlay. In case of a tie, the bettor will now have a parlay with two teams.  

Computing for Parlay Payoffs
Bettors can determine their parlay payoffs just before the games start. If an online sportsbook bettor wants to calculate his payoffs for a baseball parlay, he must choose the teams that he wants to include in his parlay wager. Then, he should check the lists of payoffs on the decimal conversion chart on the website where he will place his bets. He must list decimal conversion payoffs for his odd quotes or price.

After that, the bettor will add $1.00 to every payoffs that he noted. To complete his calculation, he needs to multiply his wager by the products of his payoffs. The computed value will be his possible parlay return. If he wants to quickly calculate his payoffs, he can use an online parlay calculator.

Online sportsbooking can be fun and exciting, but, bettors must realize that they must know the various sports wagering to maximize their opportunity to win and acquire more cash out of betting