Party Gaming

Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:45

Party Gaming

The company behind brands such as party poker.

PartyGaming Plc is considered to be the most successful gaming company online, with a number of hugely entertaining brands under its corporate umbrella. By the end of last year, the Group recorded revenues of close to a billion dollars. With growing numbers of players and affiliates, it only proves that PartyGaming is simply getting more popular than ever. Although majority of its earnings in the past came from revenues in the US, the Group was forced to suspend real money games for its US members. They have, however, generated more from other jurisdictions by 151% compared to last year's revenue. Now operating in 190 countries, PartyGaming is surely creating a lot of buzz, online and on the streets.

In 1997, PartyGaming Plc was formed with the celebrated launch of its first brand, Starluck Casino. A year after the birth of its flagship, PartyGaming carried out their cutting-edge processing and proprietary gaming software that gave them the competitive edge they needed to become the industry's front runner. Backed up and facilitated by hundreds of technology professionals, the Group's systems are made available for players all across the globe at any given time of day. As a response to high demand and internal technological capabilities, PartyGaming launched the well-known brand Party Poker at the start of the decade. Presently, the site is the world's largest venue for online poker, and is projected to gain more popularity and attention by the end of the year. As of the third quarter last year, the hit brand had over a million players who registered where almost half were said to have active accounts. Two years after was released, followed in its glorious steps. And this year Party Casino, Party Gammon, Party Bingo, and Gamebookers joined the lively Party-brand gaming platform.

Owning famed online brands in the major gaming areas of bingo, casino, and poker, PartyGaming deserves to be hailed the best vendor in the worldwide online gaming industry. Their main poker attraction is the biggest online poker venue based on the number of active accounts and ring game revenues. Thanks to much television air time and increasing interest from the masses, online poker has never been more popular. Success stories of professional online players have also played a huge part in online poker's increased profile. And with, people from all walks of life get to battle it out with each other, instead of winning or losing to the "house." Other noteworthy PartyGaming poker brands, like and, rake in a significant number of earnings as well as much appreciation for the game as an international pastime. Meanwhile, has also gained a lot of kudos from players and supporters around the globe. It is said that the market for online casinos will generate around $5 billion by the end of the decade, and PartyGaming has every intention to bank on it.

Overall, PartyGaming is all about creating an environment for safe and secure online gaming with its secure encryption and efficient payment solutions. The Group seriously advocates controlled and responsible gambling while abiding by operation provisions set forth by the Interactive Gaming Council and GamCare.