Pascal Perrault

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:16

Pascal Perrault

A poker biography of Pascal Perrault.

Quick Information

Name - Pascal Perrault

Born - 1959, Paris, France

Poker Room - Not Available


The international poker industry is now filled with talented players who are also distinguished professionals in their chosen career outside the green felt table. As a matter of fact, it has hundreds of top players who already earned science, law, doctor, media, or engineering degrees. Among these professional poker players is Pascal Perrault, a successful pharmacist and a well-regarded figure in the field for his uncanny talent in playing poker.

Born in Paris, France in 1959, Pascal, also nicknamed "Triple P" for "Poison" Perrault, is a well-acclaimed pharmacist who also happens to enjoy playing pro-style poker tournaments. His peers in the poker industry regard him as one of the quintessential tournament players for his aggressive and unreadable game tactics. A father of five children, Pascal treat tournament poker purely as a hobby and not a means of earning instant cash. He still continues to work as a pharmacist while he maintains a steady career in professional poker playing. As of 2006, Pascal's live tournament earnings has reached $1,300,000.

Pascal's first big win in the poker table was in the 1998 World Series of Poker (WSOP), where he won $14,250 at the final table of the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em tournament. At the same tournament, Pascal outlasted poker icons Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and "Gentleman" Liam Flood. At the 1999 WSOP, he also made it to to the final table, winning against Scotty Nguyen and Noel Furlong. After Pascal's successful wins at the WSOP tournament, he joined the Late Night Poker television program where he reached the semi-finals in the fourth series and the finals in the fifth series. In 2001, Pascal was voted Poker Personality of the Year and was also named top poker player in Europe in the same year. In addition to these awesome career highlights, Pascal also won the top spot at the Vienna event in the European Poker Tour last March 2005.

Meanwhile, Pascal enjoys travelling every time he joins various international poker tournaments. During his flights, Pascal is always busy on his computer, contemplating on poker schemes and strategies. He also loves to keep smooth relationships with pro and beginner players in the circuit. However, his friendly aura does not go with his attitude towards winning at the table. He is known to be serious when it comes to beating other players in the game.

As his general approach to poker, Pascal makes use of various psychological methods like extra sensory perception to improve his game play. He is one of the few players in the industry who can immediately sense an opponent's good and bad moves in the table. Pascal sees poker as an intellectual sport that levels with chess and bridge, wherein players need to exercise their mind power in order to win against other players.

With a reputed profession as a pharmacist and a successful career as a professional poker player, Pascal Perrault's name will always be in line with the few poker players in the industry who treat poker as a challenging sport and not just a cash machine.