Patrik Antonius

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:42

Patrik Antonius

A poker biography of Patrik Antonius.

Quick Information

Name - Patrik Antonius

Born - Finland

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


The fact that he began playing poker at age 12 has certainly given Patrik Antonius some advantage in playing poker professionally. By age 18, he was already in the limelight having played his first live tournament. In the process, Antonius was able to thoroughly study the many aspects of poker and as a result, he reached millionaire status because of the game.

Before moving on to live tournaments, Antonius started out playing online poker, just like Paul Maxfield. Antonius is currently one of the most dominant pro players of online poker.

He is acknowledged as a member of a poker group known as The Circle of Outlaws. Antonius learned his playing style from this group. These days, Antonius plays both online and live games. However, he is most feared in online Limit Hold'Em tournaments. His earnings are now estimated to be around $10 million -- only an estimate because Antonius has never publicly disclosed his total winnings.

When Antonius was still climbing his way up the poker success ladder, he aimed to make $5 million playing online poker. Before that, he was content playing at a limit range of $150 to $200 at live tournaments. But by 2005, Antonius had clearly gone beyond that. He won two titles in two separate events -- one at the EuroPoker Tour and the other at the Ladbrokes Championships, winning $343,000 and $8,000 respectively. In addition, he bagged the top prize in the 16th European 7-Card Stud Championships, bringing home $286,869 for his effort. Aside from that, Antonius garnered a second place finish in the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic where he received a prize of $1,046,470. He also stood out in both the European and American circuits. In the recent World Series of Poker , Antonius landed in number three, winning a cash prize of P311,394.

For as long as he can remember, Antonius aspired to be the greatest online poker player in the world. However, throughout his career, he never considered reading poker books or watching videos of games to sharpen his skills. He is unlike other top players like Aaron Kanter in that respect. Instead, Antonius focused his attention on learning from his own experiences -- whether victories or defeats.

When he was still starting out in poker, Antonius -- who also previously worked as a tennis coach, waiter, and factory worker -- used his income from his modeling stints to finance his games. Eventually, as his skills improved and his earnings grew, he turned to playing poker full-time. Today, this man from Helsinki, Finland is ranked 211 by the ProRank 1. His net income as a professional poker player is pegged at $2,387,482. According to some of the world's most admired poker players, the likes of Hung La and other top players, Antonius will continue to win more tournaments. The poker world has definitely not seen the last of this Finnish poker player yet.