Paul Darden

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:18

Paul Darden

A poker biography of Paul Darden.

Quick Information

Name - Paul Darden

Born - 1968, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


There is no question why Paul Darden is now a pro poker player. His father had a poker club in New Haven back when he was a kid where he spent most of his time hanging out. Aside from observing the club's patrons during their games, his poker aficionado of a father also taught him poker.

But poker was not everything Paul did with his time. Before he entered the professional world of poker, Paul was first a music promoter. A Night Club partner in New Haven, he was known for promoting R&B, hip-hop, a little of jazz, and rap shows. In line with this, the nature of Paul's former job is reflected through the clothes he wears on tournaments: fashionable hip-hop clothes and jewelries. This style of clothing made him extremely popular among the younger breed of poker aficionados.

Paul started playing poker seriously at a huge casino in Connecticut. Then he set off to Atlantic City where he met another great player, Phil Ivey. Phil mentored Paul and steered him towards No-Limit Hold'em from his usual Seven-Card Stud games.

Nevertheless, Paul was first doubtful about the nature of No-Limit Hold'em. So he tried Limit Hold'em instead. Not to surrender, Phil pushed Paul hard into playing No Limit despite the latter's hesitancy. He would reason that he has no money for that kind of big game. As a solution, Phil loaned Paul, and nudged the him to go with the $10,000 shot at one million. Paul entered the tournament and was grateful to survive his first day.

Phil Ivey continued feeding Paul with very helpful tips to further improve his game. As a result, Paul did win $147,440 as first place of the $2,500 Seven-Card Stud event in the 2001 World Series Of Poker (WSOP). But Ivey did not stop from pushing Paul to switch to No-Limit.

Since Phil started mentoring Paul, the two became very good friends. However, Phil is not the only tight friend Paul has in the poker world. He also has a strong comradeship with Layne Flack, Scotty Nguyen, and Men the Master. Yet, Paul does not usually spend the night out with his buddies who most of the time spend the night having fun at different nightlife hotspots. Paul is known to be a "devoted family man" who will do everything for his wife and four children. He wanted so bad to see his children with prosperous future that this desire keeps him motivated.

On the other hand, Paul's celebrity status nowadays is to be attributed to his success in on-air tournaments. It is because of televised tournaments that he became more popular to the younger generation of poker aficionados. Paul could not believe himself the fame that television had brought him. As a proof, he was featured in a World Poker Tour commercial, and would also appear in the forthcoming episodes of "Bad Boys of Poker" and "Hollywood Home Game."

For his strategy in playing poker, Paul says that his strength is on playing his opponents' hands. It is no longer "putting myself in their shoes" for Paul, it is now "putting myself in their hands."