Paul James Kwickfish Wasicka

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:39

Paul James Kwickfish Wasicka

A poker biography of Paul James Kwickfish Wasicka.

Quick Information

Name - Paul James "Kwickfish" Wasicka

Born - February 17, 1981, Dallas, Texas, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


If there is a lesson that any poker player should learn, it is to thrive in every game of his life. This is what Paul James Wasicka, popularly known as Kwickfish, has learned since his childhood. Being the youngest of the three siblings, he learned to push himself to the limit to be the best and the toughest. At the early age of seven, he began his journey towards success through sports contests. In fact, he annually played and competed in five sports events during his high school years.

Paul James, who was born on February 17, 1981 in Dallas, Texas, is the youngest and only boy of the three Wasicka children. Paul was seven years old when his family transferred to Boulder, Colorado. During that time, he already began showing his inherent competitive skills both in the academics and sports. He was always one of Fairview High School's representatives in several sports events like volleyball, wrestling, and skiing. Aside from being an outstanding athlete, the young Paul was also an academic awardee, which is a proof of how he always tried to be the best in his everything.

Paul started playing casino games in 2005. One time, when he and his friend were in a trip, they dropped by a casino. The excited Paul bet $10 on a table of blackjack, which luckily won him $100. Since then, he became a constant player and visitor of casino houses where he had won over $15,000 in a period of a month. With the realization that he could do better in gambling, Paul shifted to a more action-packed game -- poker.

Paul's poker career started when he accompanied a friend to Denver for a card tournament. During that time, he had but a trivial knowledge in playing poker. So, on their way to the place of the competition, his friend taught him some strategies to win. After enjoying the game, Paul started playing poker online and would spend long hours competing and mastering the principles of the competition. After many months and days of playing and winning online poker games, Paul became an avid player. Because of his successive winnings online, his opponents began calling Paul the Kwickfish, which means a bad fish player. However, Paul found the term more of a compliment and used it as his official screen name.

In 2005 of November, Paul was beginning to win a daily average of $2,000, which later allowed him to earn $50,000 in his savings account. With this amount of money, he joined the World Poker Tournament where he lost. He decided to stop playing poker for a while but was again convinced by a friend to join the game after a month. This time around, Paul got lucky and managed to obtain a seat in the later rounds of the tournament. However, the outcome of the tournament left a lot to be desired. Paul finally had Lady Luck on his side during the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. In this event, Paul won a total of $6 million when he came as a runner up to Jamie Gold. Winning the World Series was just the beginning of Paul James Wasicka's emergence as one of the world's top poker players. As of 2007 report, his winnings has already amounted to almost $7.5 million.

In spite of his great wealth and popularity, the Kwickfish remains simple with the things he wants. He loves to eat Thai food and play backgammon and chess. When asked about his secrets to success, his matter-of-fact response is plain: Kwickfish is not only a name but a way of life.