Paul Phillips

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:20

Paul Phillips

A poker biography of Paul Phillips.

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Name - Paul Phillips

Born - Not Available

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It has been said that computer geeks and financial executives hold a certain advantage over a regular player when it comes to poker. This is because these people know how to read the odds and can predict certain outcomes based on mathematical probability. Many poker players might disagree, but for Paul "dot com" Phillips, this may be true -- to a certain degree.

A successful executive that was able to gain large amounts of money during the rise of the Internet stock, Paul Phillips is included in the roster of popular poker players throughout the world. An aggressive and talkative player, he often joins high-stakes pots and is known to possess knowledge and understanding of the in and outs of poker. Aside from this, Paul also has this uncanny ability of being able to read the body language of all his opponents. His love affair with poker started out when he was a student back in college.

Paul Phillips recollects that it was a programming pal of his who introduced him to the game. After learning the basics, Paul was brought out to join a game, and it was there that he caught the poker bug and was unable to recover from it. Paul's fortune taken from working as an Internet executive once made other people belittle his skills and disregarded him as a player. However, Paul believes that this works to his advantage, so he just let it slide. For those people who are not aware of his programming skills and cunning strategies, this faulty impression will enable him to win more games.

Aside from his playing skills, Paul Phillips is also known for his poker blog that has a large following throughout the Internet. He often joins poker forums online and connects with people who have the same interests as him. According to Paul, he regularly joins online poker discussions about different kinds of topic since he was first introduced to bulletin boards many years ago. Soon, when poker became an important aspect of his life, Paul realized the need to express himself and share his opinions with other players. He finds that discussing these things enable him to think more and be critical.

A certain perk to his hobby is being able to write criticisms or flames to writers who have obviously poorly-made comments and positions. Paul Phillips' online blog at gets many visitors regularly because of his crafty writing and critical thinking. This blog was started as an outlet for Paul, who wanted to write and not be impersonated by others. He also wanted to post his thoughts for fans to read, but admits that this plan backfired on him. Though he has a wide fan base that regularly checks his posts, Paul Phillips says that people who hate him also checks out his posts and makes heated comments against him. However, he good-naturedly admits that this is the unsavory price of stardom, and he has to let it slide or else it will affect him.

The recent popularity of poker players through television exposure is something that Paul Phillips considers to be an advantage, since audiences now have greater respect for the poker players out there. On the downside, he worries that this might mislead both the viewers and the new players since all that they can see from the television are mostly all-in plays and not the actual things that happen during play.

Paul believes that there are ways to become a great player of poker. One of the sacred ways is by committing one's self to be critical, honest, and uncompromising when analyzing one's play. One must understand just how much a certain aspect of the play is affecting the entire game negatively. One must always try to be rational and a bit critical of one's play, so as to find ways on how to improve and become an better player.