Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Credit cards, wire transfer and debit cards.

As far as gambling is concerned, you no longer have to drive all the way to the glimmering lights of Las Vegas just to have the experience of playing casino games and receiving payouts. Thanks to the Internet, players and gamblers can have the same fun without shelling out bucks for plane tickets. Because of the convenience of online gambling, casino sites today enjoy the benefits of housing member players and more profit. With amazing tournament traffic and schemes, the odds and ends of winning just keep rolling, with millions of members signing up in different online casino sites.

Thus, no longer do poker games like Texas Hold'em, 7-Card-Stud High, and Omaha Hi-Lo dominate the gaming scene. There are more ring game varieties that are now featured in different playing table modes. Roulette and Baccarat are fast becoming famous casino alternative games, while Bingo and Sportsboook are suddenly becoming hits to different gamblers, too. With this variety in games, every site is trying to get a precious share of its own market.

The diversity in gaming options and the consequent increase in the number of members have prompted sites to also make existing promotions and bonuses more appealing. In fact, many online casinos nowadays are competing against each other on who could provide the most when it comes to bonuses, sign-ups, payouts, and other perks. Their efforts to beef up their games and corresponding bonuses are evidently not in vain, as seen from the number of players that visit their sites everyday.

Since most gamblers play deliberately for money, payment solutions have been credited as another crucial element of a successful gaming experience. If chips and tokens are used to secure real money in actual casinos, wireless payment solutions are then used online. Various payment options include credit cards, debit cards, online payments, pre-pay cards as well as money transfer. Several sites may offer all or just some of these options. However, more payment varieties only mean more satisfaction and convenience to the sites' most loyal patrons, wherever they are in the world.

Common online payment schemes are click2pay, eWalletXpress , NETeller, myCitadel, and Moneybookers . If you are aware and familiar of these financial services, others may assume that you have already played online. Experienced gamblers and first-time players alike highly relies on these systems of payment, especially when they are playing in sites like Party Gammon, Gammon Empire, Play65, Bingo Day, and Canbet Poker.

NETeller is a leading firm that secures online transfer and transaction by providing easy financial access to customers with extensive payment systems available on the web. Most online gaming sites like Pokerroom, Gammon Empire, Party Gammon, and Bingo for Money use this payment alternative because of the convincing ability of NETeller to ensure convenience and security to its online clients. By using an ID and password system, personal accounts are immediately and comprehensively verified.

myCitadel, on the other hand, boasts of a round-the-clock merchant support with label solutions and streamline data centers. Aside from SecureSwipe and portable device for ATM, merchants and customers use its service because of secured online transfer and anti-fraud measures. The check processing unit also adds to the satisfaction of customers, since the clients are conveniently provided with accurate information on how transactions are made. Authentication is a primary requirement when connecting to Citadel's web service.

In conjunction with its traditional services, just recently, Citadel has opened the myCitadel Wallet. This is a stored value option that backs up intensified deposit and withdrawal schemes. Other aspects crucial to Citadel's operation also include the multi-lingual and multi-currency features, which are truly appreciated by some clients. Because of the aforementioned features and the thorough process imposed by Citadel, more people trust the name. 24 Karat Gold Casino even promotes the site using the additional 10% bonus, exclusive to those who use MyCitadel on their next purchase.

Meanwhile, Moneybookers is seen as a vital part of the deposit and payment options of other sites. With the use of email addresses, gamblers can receive and send payables online. From credit cards to debit cards or direct bank account, money can always be sent and collected to anyone through mails. Moneybookers also allow their clients to purchase anything online. Indeed, Moneybookers continue to provide global trade solutions for different countries like UK.

Aside from NETeller, Citadel, and Moneybookers, casino sites have other payment solutions that guarantee deposits and withdrawals to and from players. ePassporte , for example, operates like a pre-paid Visa card. It is reloadable and can be used wherever Visa is recognized. One can even use it in Casino Tropez, where you can also take advantage of the $300 bonus. Unlike other services, there are no exorbitant rates and interest charges involved; thus, it's a lot easier to manage funds with limited budget loaded on your ePassporte. ePassporte message centers for free data account delivery also ensure safety and ease of trade. Because of these good features, travelers who may be playing at home or abroad during business trips or vacations often use ePassporte as much as online gamblers.

Another example of a payment scheme similar to a card is Firepay . With enough funds for FirePay account, you can use the money from your own bank account to either buy products, avail services, or gamble your funds while playing online poker or casino games. FirePay features real-time fund access and quick deposits. There are also no sign-up fees or unnecessary charges; in addition, the rate for bank account transfer to FirePay account is cost-effective. As implied earlier, FirePay is similar to using a debit card, so you can always play for money in 24 Karat Gold Casino and avail the 200% bonus.

But among the payment solutions provided by casino sites, credit and debit cards remain as widely used payment modes. After all, credit cards are deemed as the pioneer in payment solutions even before the popularity of online casinos and sites. People even say that once you have a credit card such as a Visa Card, you already have a strong purchasing power wherever you go, though your funds, of course, are always limited by a credit limit awarded by the bank.

In online gambling , the mechanics of using credit cards pretty much remain the same. In fact, Casino Tropez, Bingo For Money, Pinnacle Sports, and Pokerroom offer the popular Visa and Mastercard as both deposit or payment solutions. You can always do online transactions by providing account data. Without extra charges, credit cards make sure that the data provided by clients are complemented with more reliable security options such as password protection. Other credit card names, like MasterCard , even take the authorization step further with their Online Fraud Monitor, which is seen as the solution to improve PIN debit activities and provide more security to the card owner.

Aside from credit cards, another 'traditional' means of payment used in online casinos is wire transfer. The benefits of wire transfer include the accessibility to different branches worldwide and the secured service of verifying information on a player's account. Wire transfer companies normally encourage filing requests before noon, so they can process the transfer on the same day. A known casino site that employs the wire transfer method is Pinnacle Sports, which enlists Western Union as one of its deposit options for a $250 standard fund.

Another recognized payment option is paypal with over 100 million opened accounts since 1999. Paypal dont accept transactions with gambling sites which also includes sportbooks, but they do accept backgammon and skill game vendors.

Payment solutions may vary in procedure, form, or service. But nonetheless, they are important website features to make sign ups, registrations, bets, and cashouts a lot easier to manage and handle by both gaming provider and online gaming participants. Apart from measuring the reliablity of different sites for poker, sportsbooks, bingo, or even casino, these payment options also add to the overall experience that the casino sites have in store for their players.

Youteller and NuCharge

Gambling via online casinos is something fast and convenient, and it's something that anyone can do. For anyone who wants to enjoy a game of Texas Hold 'em or whatever preferred card game, all one has to do is log on to the Internet and search the world wide web for an online casino. There are plenty of sites out there which assure a gamer the ultimate gambling experience. With that promise, then there is no need to worry about leaving the house to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The thrill and the excitement can all be found in a personal computer, and it's just one click away.

But what about money, one wonders. Yes, although there are sites devoted to giving away free games for the frugal, there are others that do offer generous prizes. But just because one doesn't have the actual money at hand doesn't mean that those virtual chips should be squandered away!

Getting on the Internet gambling scene is simple. All one has to do is create an account with an online casino, fill up a couple of forms about your preferred payment mode - a few banking and security details questions here and there - and that's it! Playing for that jackpot can be done at the comfort of home.

So what if one has racked up all that cash? Or what if debts have been incurred? Then that's where the beauty of technology comes in. Payment solutions pages and information have been created for the avid Internet gambler.

Youteller is an e-wallet that any online player can avail of very soon. It will be launched in 2008. The company that offers this form of payment is based in the United Kingdom. With Youteller, all one has to do is create an account for cash withdrawals and deposits. The best part about this, unlike other Internet payment solutions, is that there is no sign-up charge, and that money transfers don't cost much as well because of their low interest rates. However, Youteller has not yet made its presence felt in Internet gambling sites, but that will soon change by summer of 2008.

Another payment solution for online players is NuCharge. NuCharge began as a provider of prepaid call cards. But because of the rise of Internet casino goers, NuCharge decided to expand its services. Basically, all one has to do is sign up for that free account and deposit money in it. The money deposited can be used to play online! There is however, a $2500 limit per day and 3% interest fee for transfers.

Nexum is another new payment solutions which have become more and more available online. Read more about nexum.

Along with the games the casinos decided to bring to the world wide web came this other new advancement -- payment solutions over the Internet. In Vegas, one has to worry about falling in line to cash in chips, but over the Internet, no one has to get their hands dirty. These online payment methods promise low rates, fast and dependable service, and money security. With all these things accessible in one click, anyone can see why it can be so much better to play those favorite casino games at home.

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