Peter Costa

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:21

Peter Costa

A poker biography of Peter Costa.


Quick Information

Name - Peter Costa

Born - 27th Jan 1956,  Kiti, Cyprus

Poker Room - Not Available


British pro poker player Peter Costa was born on January 27, 1956 in Cyprus.  Together with his family, he had to leave his hometown at a young age to get away from the Turks who invaded his country.   His family settled in Liverpool, England, and put up a fish and chips business.  Their small business became a successful chain.  Nevertheless, Peter realized that he was into a different kind of business, one that is very different from his family's.  

But realizing his dream took some time. At the age of 19, Peter got married to a Cyprian girl in an arranged marriage. Their union was blessed with a daughter whom Peter raised through his efforts in their food business. It was only after his daughter graduated from university in year 2000 that Peter resolved to follow his original dream.  He once said that he was so eager to break free from his old life. He was finally ready to pursue his dream career -- poker-playing.  

Having money good only for a month's rent, Peter luckily got a room at the house of a woman named Jo.  Jo was finishing her advanced degree in Psychotherapy when Peter came to her home. Soon the two became comfortable with each other enough to be each other's confidant.  Jo was able to help Peter go on with his life, and even encouraged the man to follow his dreams.  Dreams that Peter knew ever since could only be a reality through poker.  He saw poker as his savior, and the only thing that gave him the reason to move on, at the same time a challenge that he needed to face.  

From then on Peter took poker seriously and played hard.  At present, he is considered as one of the best poker players.  Britain's "Late Night Poker" even featured one of his memorable tournament wins.  That televised tournament was stamped in the minds of those who watch because of the impressive heads-up game.  The same game made Peter an instant celebrity. Poker aficionados also gave him the moniker, The Poet as a tribute to Costa's passion for writing and reading.  

Far from his home, Peter also won a game in Los Angeles' Commerce Casino.  The next day he entered the big No-Limit Hold'em event where he was assigned at seat one and table one.  That for Peter was a good omen.  At the end of the event, he won the first prize amounting to $150,000.  He beat all the 460 hopeful players, though only 200 chips were in his hands before the tournament's first hour.  

Peter Costa now holds several poker records including his two nominations in 2002 and 2003 for the European Player of the Year. He also hold a world record for being the winner among the biggest group of players- 1,166 players- in a Limit Hold'em event in Orleans Casino on July of 2003.  That same year, Peter also pocketed over $115,000 for the $3000 Limit Hold'em event in Los Angeles.  He also took home $112,000 of the Limit Hold'em tournament in Vegas.  A year before, he already bagged more than $100,000 as the first placer at the main event of the 2002 Hall of Fame in Binions, Las Vegas. From this perspective, it is clear that much can be expected from Costa in the poker arena.