Phil Ivey

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:27

Phil Ivey

A poker biography of Phil Ivey.

Quick Information

Name - Phil Ivey

Born - 1976, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Many critics are claiming that Phil Ivey represents the new breed of skilled poker players who will eventually dominate the industry in the future. Phil epitomizes the fresh yet talented appearance of a young poker player with his hip playing and dressing style, as seen in many of the television coverages of most of his games. His signature basketball jersey attire that he frequently sports in most of his games has even been called 'slam dunks' by poker game commentators in reference to his chains of poker victory. What's more, his overall appeal every time he sits at the poker table has earned him the legions of fans that usually only veterans deserve.

Like other pros, Phil's success in poker can be reflected on the way he lived his earlier years. Phil started playing poker professionally when he was still very young, after he had enjoyed a series of success playing video games. He first stole the attention of both the amateurs and veterans in the poker industry when he snatched three of the gold bracelets given in the World Series of Poker in 2002 and took home the championship trophy in the Seven-Card Stud game category.

The following year, he made it to the WSOP's final table. Phil finished first place in numerous games both in the WSOP and also in the Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic. His series of success and tons of money prizes has left lesser players green with envy toward him. Because of his remarkable gaming skills at a relatively early stage, Phil has been hailed as poker's answer to the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods.

Phil's playing style is often described by audiences and critics alike as quite and focused, yet still aggressive. Being young as he is, Phil is able to absorb every playing technique he observes and easily integrate them into his games. For one, he was able to prove that he also plays superbly in the Seven-Card Stud, as evident in his victory at the 2002 WSOP, despite being thought to be a master in the No-Limit game. Phil is also considered by Barry Greenstein as among the most excellent tournament players, as of the moment, thanks to his impressive ability to cross over to the biggest poker games from playing in the tournament scene.

After achieving a series of success in various poker competitions, Phil is still improving his skills and taking on new playing tricks to stun both the players and the audience. He prefers learning new playing techniques from his wins so that he can hone his talent rather than use his victories to achieve a certain celebrity status within the industry. But, for Phil, admiration from almost anyone who loves poker is something he has to learn to deal with as he keeps on topping every major game.

Currently, he is enjoying considerable wins in playing live money games. He even has his personal table in the where fans can play poker with him.