Phil Lak

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:28

Phil Laak

A poker biography of Phil Laak.

Quick Information

Name - Phil Laak

Born - 1972, Dublin, Ireland

Poker Room - Not Available


Phil Laak offers a whole new excitement to the world of poker with his multi-faceted personality. Keen observers say that Phil does his acts beside the dealer so he can catch a glimpse of the next card or so he can divert the attention of his opponents away from his true hand's strength. When it's time for large hands, Phil is also known for covering his face by pulling the drawstrings of his sweatshirt.

But though his antics are smart and amusing, his skills are undeniably impressive. Phil's exposure to card playing began at an early age while growing up in the town of Wellesley in Massachusetts. His family frequently played Tripoli and usually involved money in the game. Phil carefully observed the games his family played, and eventually learned a certain 'card logic' in the games. Later on, he incorporated this 'card logic' into his own poker technique.

His adolescent life, however, did not instantly revolve around gambling. Prior to playing professional poker, Phil first worked as an engineer, after receiving his mechanical engineering degree from Amherst at the University of Massachusetts. He also worked as investor of real estates and repo man, until in 1999 when he went to New York City and visited an underground room. There, Phil had the chance to play high-stakes poker which he considered as his baptismal fire into the world of professional poker. He played that particular game as if he was born to play it, and a particular passion for poker instantly grew within him.

Right after that game, Phil found himself joining numerous tournaments and fortunately winning in some of them. His love for the game grew much stronger with each tournament he joined. He carefully studied the moves of his different opponents and he worked hard to devise his own playing strategy, which can give him the consistent wins.

Today, what distinguishes Phil from the other poker players is his regard for 'higher order thinking,' which he integrates into his games. Phil describes the 'higher order thinking' as the ability to extract information, neither verbal nor visual, from the opponent. He establishes a psychic link with his opponents through a technique he calls 'lucid dreaming' in which Phil plays hands repeatedly in dream so he can perceive both the conscious and subconscious tells of his opponents.

His sense of order, which actually balances his sense of spontaneity in the game, is also evident in the way he organizes his stuff. He is rather an obsessive-compulsive in terms or how he arranges his things. Phil would often keep the money in his wallet in a way that all the bills face the same side and are placed from the smallest bill to the largest bill. Phil says that this his value for balance in life enables him to enjoy his poker wins without being affected by the cards in hand.

A reflection of his belief in balance, Phil also likes to engage in other areas of interest, aside from poker. This man loves extreme adventure, doing a slew of physically demanding activities like sky diving, scuba diving, motorcycling, and judo. Phil is also famous in the industry for his eccentricity and antics. He would often be seen performing push-ups or jumping around in the height of a very intense game.