Play Chess Against Computer

Wed, 28 May 2008 19:59

Play Chess Against Computer

Play chess online against the computer.

Traditionally, chess is a game for two opposing human players. However, since chess became an online game, players now have an option to choose between a human and computer opponent. Although the concepts and rules for human-against-human and human-against-computer setups don't change, there is a slight difference between these two playing options. Even though playing against a computer provides a different gaming experience, the concepts and the rules of the game has not changed a bit.

The Unbeatable Computer

It has always been thought that a computer is no match to a human brain when it comes to chess. This is because computers are just programmed devices that can't come up with their own decisions. However, when a super computer beat a grand master in a much-publicized chess match, people's perception of computers and their technological logic dramatically changed. These days, it is often thought that computer chess programs are hard to beat. After all, a chess software is programmed to assess several moves simultaneously while a human can only see a number of moves at a time.

The near impossibility of beating a machine is perhaps one of the reasons playing chess against a computer has become a favorite pastime. It has become a challenge that only the most cunning and skilled can overcome. These days, with the availability of various chess software, playing against a computer can be done anywhere, anytime.

Playing Against a Computer: Now and Then

Even before online chess' rise to popularity, playing against a computer is already possible. There were already simple chess programs installed in computers that simulate a real chess match. These games were good, but they don't provide the same excitement and interaction that current-day chess programs do. Not only do they have inferior graphics, but they don't have chat components that let a player communicate with his opponent. Today, playing against a computer is a more enjoyable experience, thanks to the smooth graphics, amazing sounds, and nice features that numerous sophisticated chess software provide.

What You Need to Play Against a Computer

Naturally, you will need to have a computer to participate in a human-against-computer chess match. Likewise, you will need a chess software that you will install to your PC. There are two ways in which you can acquire a software: buy it from a software store or download it from the Internet. The latter is the more attractive option since there are free chess software you can download from the Web. Once you installed your chess software to your PC, you can now test your skills and mental prowess against the machine.

How to Win When Playing Against a Computer

As already mentioned, beating a computer at chess is possible. Unless you're faced with IBM's Deep Blue, you have a great shot at winning chess. By applying everything you have learned about chess and being confident with your strategy, you will surely have no problem defeating a computer. Keep in mind that even though a computer is a neat machine, it still has its flaws!