Play Chess Online

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:01

Play Chess Online

Play free chess games online or for money.

To win in chess, you must know how to put into play a cavalry consisting of 16 noblemen with different powerful moves. You need to know how you can best utilize their strengths so the other 16 pieces of your opponent will not take advantage of their weaknesses. Coming up with a move is not a simple task since it involves critical thinking and thorough analysis. If you find it easy to come up with wise moves in chess, then maybe you should your skills with playing online chess.

Why is it recommended to take your chess talents to the World Wide Web? Simple: playing online chess serve two purposes. While you enjoy hounding the king of your opponent, you are also giving yourself a chance to earn money. So, if you consider yourself a chess master and you are willing to allot time to play for profit and pleasure, then get your mouse clicking and follow these simple steps:

1. Register For An Account
If you think you are ready to go on a head-to-head battle with other chess players from different parts of the world, then create an online account. More often than not, signing up is for free. Websites that offer online chess give their members two options -- they can either play for free or for real money. When you choose to play for money, you will be required to pay a certain fee for every tournament you join.

2. Make a Deposit
Most websites recommend PayPal to their clients as one way of making a deposit. PayPal is one of the leading electronic money service companies committed to providing reliable and fast service to its clients. You can choose PayPal to buy entry tickets to online chess competitions. Once the chess website received your payment, you will now be given access to chess games that promise cash prizes.

3. Choose Your Game
Once you are done with the registration process and the deposit has been received, it is now time for you to prepare for the competitive game. If you prefer to practice first, you may do so by entering the free games lobby. There is no money involved yet, just play for fun with the other members who are also warming up before putting money on the line. After you are done with your practice games, choose between a tournament and a mini-match game.

In online tournaments, lots of players are involved. Just like in ordinary tournaments, there are elimination rounds and players are ranked according to their number of winnings. If you opt for a mini-match game, you will be pitted against another member who also chose to play a mini-match game. The payout with the latter is faster since the winner is immediately determined as soon as the game is over. However, the prizes in mini-match games are slightly lower than in big tournaments.

4. Get Your Money
The prize is usually disclosed even before the tournament starts to encourage players to sign up. If you managed to come out as the victor, your winnings will be deposited to your account. Depending on your gaming site, this could take a couple of hours to a an entire week.