Play Mahjong Online

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:11

Play Mahjong Online

Play mahjong solitaire and tile free online.

A lot of people are getting hooked with online mahjong because this game is fun and easy to play. Just before the 1900s, Chinese have been playing this game that tests the skills of players in creating schemes to pair tiles. After hundreds of years, the rest of the world learned about mahjong, and today, this famous game is now being played even on the Web.

How To Play Mahjong Online
The main objective in playing mahjong is to clear the board by pairing the tiles. The tiles used in mahjong have standard suits such as characters, dragons, bamboos, circles, winds, flowers, and seasons. Players are only allowed to eliminate tiles that are identical. They can move the tiles either to the left or right and they must make sure that the tiles that they are pairing have no tiles on top of them. Players can remove tiles by clicking on the pairs of tiles one at a time.

What makes online mahjong different from the traditional playing of mahjong is that the players do not have to set the tiles on the board. There is a ready layout for every game so players can start playing right away.

Online Mahjong Websites
When a player decides to try online mahjong, he has two options. He can either play for free or for money. If he decides to play for free, he can play online mahjong alone or compete against other players without having to bet or gamble. He can also download a software to play mahjong anytime he wants in the comfort of his house.

On the other hand, if a player opts to play for money, he must bet real money and beat other online mahjong players. He should register to become a member of an online mahjong website. Once his registration is validated, he can enter in a playing room to play with other gamers. Every time he wins in a game, he can win real money and experience other perks from the website where he plays mahjong.

Things to Consider in Playing Mahjong
There are several things that a player must consider when playing mahjong. Aside from developing strategies, a player should think about the characteristics of the website where he will choose to play this game. He needs to study the content of the website and check out the features of the mahjong games before playing. He must learn about the options and the rules in playing so he can easily join other mahjong variations.

In addition, a player should also check the navigation features of the website. This can help him go to the links that he wants to visit. Speed is also another factor that needs to be considered. If the website is difficult to download, the player can choose another site where he can immediately play mahjong.

Another important factor in playing mahjong is the traffic. If there are a lot of people who play in a website, a player can expect that it has a high traffic. This can give him a chance to compete against more people, play more games, and bring home more pot money.

Most importantly, a player must study the financial aspects in playing mahjong for money. He should learn about the rules regarding account statements, deposits, and tax obligations. Similarly, he must also know about the withdrawal conditions that the website sets.

Playing mahjong online can be a great pastime. Some people try their luck and test their skills by playing for cash, which makes mahjong a relatively competitive online game. To play mahjong online, a player must visit and assess different websites where he can compete and win cold cash.