Playtech Software

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 19:05

Playtech Software

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Playtech Software
Since the conception of the online casino, which is a fusion of modern technology and seasoned gambling cravings, during the mid-90's, a plethora of various online casino softwares have sprung out like wild mushrooms on moist soil, all seeking to cater to the increasing online gambling market.  Big names such as Microgaming, Cryptologic Inc., and Realtime Gaming have integrated themselves on the online gambling industry and have been hailed as "pioneers."  Alongside these big names in the online gambling industries are other gaming softwares such as Random Logic Software, Vegas Technology Software. However, there is another company that seeks to deliver quality online gambling experience to its subscribers -- Playtech.

Playtech was first established by a close-knit network of entrepreneurs that mostly dabble in software engineering, multi-media industries, and big casino industries as well.  At the time of Playtech's conception, the online gambling industry only had a handful of competitors, which spells less competition, which then translates to fewer innovations.  However, the big wigs behind Playtech saw this a very vital opportunity to go ahead of the pack by creating ground-breaking innovations in the realm of online casino.  Intense work soon flooded the Playtech team with various mash-ups with actual land-based casino operators to see and determine the weak points of their online marketing strategy.  Upon painstaking research and analysis, the team has determined that the complete lack of customization and poor quality led to inevitable boredom among the players.  They have also found out that most of the online casino firms have been so hooked up with the traditional “digitized gambling” that they tend to overlook the interest of their online players.

This discovery prompted the Playtech team to create an online casino game that faithfully mimics an actual land-based casino set-up by doing away with very slow response time by the server, dull cards, and the lack of user identity, which fosters a very monotonous online identity.  Playtech paved the way for a more realistic and faithfully simulated casino environment which further stirred the excitement of many online casino players.
By the year 2001, Playtech have launched Club Dice Casino, which featured the full 1.1 version of Playtech's customized software.  This version is inclusive of many breakthrough features such as transaction histories, VIP club, multi-platform capability, and a multi-player mode. This particular game brought Playtech's vision into actuality.  As a matter of fact, online gambling aficionados found Playtech's software easy to download and offers quite a smooth and efficient server connection, which both create a more realistic casino gaming experience.

The year 2002, on the other hand, marked the launching of both Gold Gate and Tropez online casinos, which featured Playtech's brand new generation of online casino software.  This completely downloadable software contains 45 new casino games.  But what caught the attention of online gamblers is the games' smoother and more realistic 3D graphics.  Playtech has also introduced new games such as virtual horse racing in 2005 and a new line of 14 brand new odds games.  And by 2006, Playtech introduced to the public its subsidiary, Videobet.