Poker Freerolls

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 03:53

Poker Freerolls

What is a poker freeroll and where can I play one.

Many poker professionals have made a fortune playing poker online before they started to participate in live tournaments. Poker novices also learn to hone their poker skills and develop various strategies while playing online. Those who wish to get more information about poker, poker sites, and other online casino games can surely benefit from the features that ixgames offers.

Aside from providing poker enthusiasts with information regarding casinos and casino games, ixgames also sponsors various poker freerolls at different poker sites. Passwords to these freerolls and events are listed on the forum of ixgames. Below are just some information about the poker sites and freerolls that ixgames sponsors.

Poker Freerolls at Full Tilt Poker

An online poker card room that started its operations in June 2004, Full Tilt Poker has since then provided poker enthusiasts with various games and tournaments, including poker freerolls. Full Tilt Poker also has its own team of members who are professional poker players often playing on the site and providing advice to poker novices through chat software. Ixgames provides poker players with weekly poker freerolls worth $50. These freerolls are held during weekends and are great for those who are just beginning to play poker.

Poker Freeroll at PDC Poker and Carbon Poker

PDC Poker and Carbon Poker are two notable poker sites providing poker players with tournaments, promotions, tutorials, and other casino games. PDC Poker was established in Brisbane, Australia, in 2005 and is great for those who wish to engage in low stakes play. Carbon Poker started its operations in 2005 and offers great game selection, good guarantees, and excellent overlays. Ixgames runs a poker freeroll every Wednesday, with winners getting entry tickets to PDC Poker's and Carbon Poker's $10,000 guaranteed tournament, which happens every Sunday.  

Poker Freerolls at Doyles Room

Endorsed by professional player Doyle Brunson, Doyles Room is an online poker room launched in 2004. This site offers various poker games such as Badugi, Seven-card stud, Omaha Hold'em, and Texas Hold'em. Doyles Room also hosts regular tournaments featuring poker pros such as Mike Caro, Todd Brunson, Cyndy Violette, Hoyt Corkins, and of course, Doyle Brunson, who is the 10-time World Series of Poker Champion that the website is named after. Ixgames offers freerolls to Doyles Room twice a month, the first one being a $50 freeroll and the 2nd one a $50 special freeroll in which the top 5 players win entry tickets to a $1000 guaranteed tournament.

Poker Freerolls at Bodog Poker

Founded in 1995, Bodog Poker has gone a long way from attracting poker novices to getting the support of poker professionals. For Bodog Poker, ixgames offers a poker event with five tournaments. Four of these events will be qualifiers, and the last one will be the finals. Each qualifier event awards the top five players with final tickets. But the winner of the finals also get awarded with a T$109, which is an entry ticket to a $100,000 guaranteed tournament which happens every Sunday. The finals will only be composed of 20 players (five from each of the four qualifier events) and $500 will be added to the prize.