Poker Players

Poker Players

A list of biography of professional poker players.

Every once in a while, serious poker players often look for information regarding other poker players. This is especially the case with the popular ones. It may be considered data gathering, or even spying, but knowing something about who's out there in the scene is a good strategy when playing poker. Aside from reading books that deal with poker rules and odds, most poker novices now research the playing styles and attitudes of their favorite players in order to take a leaf out of their book.

Poker is such a fascinating game that people from different walks of life are drawn to it. Players come from diverse cultures and countries; it is of no surprise to encounter a player who was born from another country now residing in the United States as a pro poker player. From blue-collar workers to high-profile celebrities, various people are bound by their love of this game. Gone are the days where men dominated the field of card games, because women are now cutting across the borders, and many have reached super-stardom and acquired a large fan base from all over the world. Die-hard poker fans often look for information about the revered idols, the well-known players who make poker world more exciting. Thus, they often go out of their way to look for sites that contain various data about the different professional poker players who have reached stardom.

One such site that offers such data and information is, one of the leading portal for bingo, poker, casino, and sports book reviews online. This site offers a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the profiles of famous poker players you see on TV today. It is a safe bet that if the player one looks for happens to be famous, his or her name is sure to be listed in the ixgames player profile list. In this site, any poker fan can read about other poker players and get relevant information that is updated regularly. ixgames offers a categorized list of famous poker players biography listed in alphabetical order. This makes browsing through the names easier. By simply clicking on the name, one can access the specific bio immediately. Most of the words and data deals mainly with the background and professional careers of the different male and female players. These may include birthdays, places of birth, educational background, and even civil status of the listed players. One may find himself pleasantly surprised to find that their sharp idol was a quiet, nerdy geek back in college, or that he had only started to play poker late in life, when he was already married and had kids. Most of the stories and experiences that these players have gone through are funny and almost unbelievable, yet real life is often unpredictable and unexpected. Some players even went as far as quitting high-paying jobs, or relinquishing their hold on their respective flourishing businesses to play poker professionally. If not for information value, player profiles are also entertaining and oftentimes inspiring. So the next time you want the lowdown on a certain poker player, go to a site that is in authority, a site like

Poker Players - A
Alex Brenes Allen Cunningham Amarillo Slim Preston
Amir Vahedi An Tran Andy Bloch
Annie Duke Antonio Esfandiari Arnold Spee
Asher Derei Alan Goehring
Aaron Kanter
Andy Black
Annand "Victor" Ramdin
Andrew Bloch
Alexander Kravchenko
Alexandre Gomes
Andre Akkari


Poker Players - B
Barny Boatman Barry Greenstein Barry Shulman
Ben Affleck Billy Baxter Bob Chalmers
Bob Stupak
Bobby Baldwin
Bonnie Damiano
Brian Haveson Bruno Fitoussi Benny Binion
Brian "Sailor" Roberts
Berry Johnston
Bertrand Grospellier
Bill Chen
Brad Booth


Poker Players - C
Carlos Mortensen Charles Shoten Chip Jett
Chip Reese Chris "Jesus" Ferguson Chris Bigler
Chris Karagulleyan Chris Moneymaker Christer Johansson
Clonie Gowen Crandell Addington Cyndy Violette
Can Kim Hua
Chris Bjorin
Chau Giang
Chevy Chase
Chad Brown
Poker Players - D
Dan Harrington Daniel Negreanu Danny Nguyen
David Benyamine David Chiu David Colclough
David Levi David Plastik David Sklansky
David Ulliott David Williams Dennis Waterman
Dewey Tomko Diego Cordovez Doyle Brunson
Dr Amir Nasseri Dutch Boyd David "Dragon" Pham
Douglas Kim
Davidson Matthew
Dario Minieri
David Oppenheim


Poker Players - E
Eli Elezra Erick Brenes Erick Lindgren
Erik Seidel Evelyn Ng Erik "Lilar" Friberg
Erica Schoenberg


Poker Players - F
Frankie O'dell Freddy Deeb Farzad Bonyadi


Poker Players - G
Garry Bush Gavin Griffin Gavin Smith
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer Gus Hansen Gary Berland


Poker Players - H
Hasan Habib Howard Lederer Huck Seed
Humberto Brenes Hoyt Corkins
Hung La
Hevad Khan


Poker Players - I
Isabelle Mercier


Poker Players - J
Jack Zwerner James Woods Jim Lester
Jeff Madsen Jeff Shulman Jennifer Harman
Jennifer Tilly Joe Awada Joe Beevers
John Bonetti "Miami" John Cernuto
John Duthie
John Gale John Hennigan John Juanda
John Myung John Stolzmann Johnny Chan
Johnny Moss Jose Rosenkrantz Joseph Hachem
Josh Arieh Juha Helppi Julian Gardner
Jack Straus
Jay Heimowitz
Jesse Alto
Joe Bartholdi
John Barch
John "Razor" Phan
James Van Alstyne
Jeffrey Lisandro

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