Poker Faq

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:15

Poker FAQ

Frequently asked questions about poker.

Aside from live casinos, poker is also making waves in the online gambling scene today. Many people are finding more convenient ways to express their fervor for poker and playing online is one of the best possible means. To make your online poker gaming a truly exhilarating experience, you should have a general idea first of how poker works. The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding poker:

* Where can I play online poker?

A plethora of websites dedicated to online poker gaming are waiting for you in the cyberworld. Each of these sites has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, it is good to know that there are few sites that managed to stand out from the rest. These websites are quite prominent because they spend a big deal of time and effort just to build and maintain an unblemished reputation. A good reputation consists of the following: popularity (number of players, site traffic) and financial stability (handled payouts well, no bad record).

* How Do I Register?

To register, you must fill in an online form that will ask some personal details about you like what your real name is, where your home address is, and from what age bracket you belong. This is important to determine if you are eligible to become a player. The most exciting part of the account sign-up process is picking a screen name or nick that will best describe your personality as a player. Be creative! Come up with a name that promises to be a surefire legend in the online poker gaming community.

* How To Start Playing?

To start playing, you need to download first a poker game software. Each website has its own version of the software, thus, different user interfaces and controls. Pick the one that you can work with easily. Once you have chosen a software that best complements your gaming styles and skills, install it in your computer. Although all programs are installed in the same way, it will be better to read the accompanying READ ME file for instructions. Remember that there are certain programs that include added features that may require further actions so be sure you have followed the instructions carefully. Once the installation is done, you can find an icon on your desktop. Double-click to launch the program.

* About Deposits

Most online poker websites offer a sign-up bonus for you so you can begin playing as soon as possible. However, to snatch this offer, there is a catch: you have to make a deposit. There are several electronic money service companies that make it possible to send your money deposits to your online bankroll. Paying through credit card is one option; another is through NETteller transfer. The latter seems to be the favorite option of most players since it involves little service charges, unlike in credit card transactions. Player to player credit transfer is also possible.