Poker Intermediate

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 22:55

Poker Intermediate Level

Poker articles on intermediate level.

An intermediate player already knows the basic skills and tactics one ought to know when playing poker. He has reached that certain level wherein he is just a few notches below the pro title. However, an intermediate player needs to know more and do more to advance his poker career. This means that he should not just be content with winning against newbie players in low-limit games. Staying in this kind of game will stagnate his skills and hinder him to show his true potentials.

So, what should an intermediate poker player do to show that he is, indeed, already out of the beginner's league? Below are the common mistakes that intermediate players commit.

A Good Hand is Not Enough

If you have a good hand, it does not mean that it is enough assurance that you will win the game. Poker is a very unpredictable game. Players of this game should not feel completely secure and think that he can easily beat anyone just because he holds a good card combination. It is a must to consider the opponent's hands first before making your next move.

Too Much of Anything Is Bad

When playing online poker, it is really advisable to play multiple tables so you can cash in more. However, never think that as an intermediate level player, you already have the power to handle too much. Even players at the professional level will tell you that in playing poker, you need to focus on a manageable number of tables. Also, increasing limits is one bad habit that intermediate players easily acquire. This should be avoided because it eats up bankrolls fast.

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