Poker Pot Odds

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 22:27

Poker Pot Odds

Calculating poker pot odds.

When determining the chances of hitting the jackpot in a game of online poker, a gambler should be comfortable with numbers since basic computation skills are needed. Patience is also needed since it will take several games before a player becomes comfortable with the different ways of getting the odds used in different versions of online poker games.

So as to compute for the odds in a specific poker game, a gambler should first determine the number of cards he needs to get so as to have a better poker hand. Also known as "outs", these cards can make  a gambler's current hand stronger, increasing his chances of winning the poker pot.

To compute for the exact percentage of getting the "outs" as the player gets a new card, get the total number of cards needed to get a stronger hand, then multiply it to two and add one. For example, the total "outs" is six. Multiply six to two and the player would get twelve. Plus one, the exact probability of a player getting the card he needs is about 13%.

After computing for the "outs" probability, multiply the percentage to the sum of the bet and the poker pot. If  the required bet is at least five bucks and the poker pot is 20 bucks, the sum of the bet plus the poker pot is 25 bucks. Multiply that to 13% and a poker player should be able to compute for the maximum amount of bet that he can make in that specific game.

The possibility of actually winning the pot in an online poker game can then be determined through the bet made and the sum of the bet and the poker pot. If a gambler is required to bet five bucks and the poker pot is 20 bucks, five out of 25 is like 20%. So if this is the case, a card player should then decide whether he should raise the bet, make a call, or fold.

In some games, other online players will try to control the odds by making or raising bets. This can be an effective poker strategy if a gambler is already used to calling bets and has previous experience with these kinds of situations.

If computing for the pot odds is a big headache that the player almost let his emotions disrupt his poker play, he can always check out online calculators available in many poker sites. Some online poker rooms actually have their own calculators to compute for the odds so players should take advantage of this helpful feature.

Using online pot calculators is very useful, whatever online version of a poker game a person is using.  Although there are certain limitations in using this online tool, a player can easily access percentages and probability stats if he uses an online calculator.

Another strategy to make the pot odds more manageable is to actually bluff. The frequency of bluffing should be equal to an opponent's odds of getting the pot.

Determining the pot odds may seem complicated but once a player gets the hang of it, this poker skill should prove advantageous in the next round or game.