Poker Tilt

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 22:28

Poker Tilt

Between poker tilt and your professional play.

When a player is consumed by his emotions or is not thinking clearly, he may decide to tilt or have a bad episode wherein his moves are unplanned and sometimes out of control. Having tilts is not unavoidable since every player experiences this once in a while, especially if he thinks that he can still win even if he has a very low card combination.

What can be done during a not-so-good poker game is to just breathe in and breathe out. A poker player should always think that a game is just a game and that someone has to lose in the end. If a gambler is really having a difficult time in controlling his feelings, he can try to temporarily move away from the computer and cool down, or call it quits and get a good night's sleep.

Letting emotions run freely during an online poker game is never good since the player will be tempted to do irrational things such as raising his bets even if his cards won't stand a chance against his opponents or the river. Aside from temporarily logging out from the poker room or calling it quits, a person can avoid having tilts by following these tips:

Focus on the game -- When playing in an online poker room, it's best for a player to focus his attention on the game instead of checking out other sites that can be distracting. When a player is focused on his game, his moves tend to be planned and rational, increasing his chances of not losing his entire bankroll.

Know the limitations -- If a player has a bankroll amounting to 100 bucks, he should only play within his bankroll's limits. Placing a bet more than the bankroll could support and lead to emotional outbursts once a person's cards are topped by his opponent.

Just relax -- Playing an online poker game should be a fun and interesting experience. If a player lets his emotions control his every move, he will more likely lose his entire bankroll. In order to avoid tilts, a player should learn from the very beginning that in any card game, one has to lose. Being a good sport will help a player relax even though he had a fair share of bad beats.

Whatever happens in an online poker game, a player should always remember that this game requires basic math skills, a strategic mind, and some luck. There are things that a player may never control when playing this card game so having a positive aura can always have its beneficial effects, even though the player may lose in the end.

Poker tilts can affect any player at some time but emotions should never control one's poker moves. It is sometimes hard for a player to control his feelings that he may at times overreact in using poker deceptions but tilting is never a good option. Having a negative aura during or after a poker game may only attract bad karma and lots of enemies, not to mention a big dent in one's bankroll.