Popularity of Bingo

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:33

Popularity of Bingo

Surpassing centuries of gaming.

Bingo is the world's most popular card game of luck and chance. With just a couple of cards and markers, patience, and a sharp sense of hearing, anyone can go to a bingo hall and participate in a few hours of fun and prizes.

The game bingo goes way back to 16th century Europe and it traveled to American shores through a traveling carnival. The popularity of bingo arose in the United States in the early 1900's when Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, chanced upon a session of the game's earlier form. Because of the crowd's enthusiastic response to the game, Lowe decided to change the simple card game by adding some modifications and rules to raise the stakes and make it even more exciting and enjoyable.

With a math professor's aid, Lowe took his project and turned it into a goldmine, along with the addition of thousands of new cards and combinations. His ingenuity attracted more and more players to the game, and he even gained a new venue for his game to be even more popularized. He was approached by a priest to use his game as a means of raising funds for his community and this idea was warmly received by the eager Lowe.

Since then, the popularity of bingo has reached all parts of the country as people gathered in social halls to play this game. Bingo became a surefire way to earn money, and many organizations depend on this activity to raise funds for charity.

Aside from its charitable possibilities, the game of bingo has also been made into a lucrative business. Bingo became part of the many games played in the casinos of the United States and it was even promoted on television. It attracted players of all kinds: the young and the old, politicians and actors, housewives, businessmen -- anyone can play Bingo! The popularity of Bingo eventually reached  the United Kingdom where laws were even made for it. Bingo has definitely become a prime source of entertainment for the masses.

As time passed and as technology progressed, the popularity of the game suffered as television, radio, and movies stole the attention from this game of chance. Bingo was reduced to a game played by grandmothers in church social halls, and it was nearly forgotten by those who then flocked to those halls and casinos.

But with the advancement of the Internet, the game was saved. Bingo has jumped onto the bandwagon and made its ways to computer screens worldwide. Online bingo became the latest form of this centuries-old game. People don't even have to leave their homes anymore just to play. The game of Bingo has truly been innovated and people can participate in this game and be connected with millions of other Bingo enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

What makes Bingo so popular is that anyone can play this game. No one needs any previous knowledge to play it, and no one definitely needs to be a bingo expert to enjoy it. The only skill that is required is listening intently for the letter-number combination. The rules of bingo are quite simple and it hardly takes any time to learn.

Most importantly, bingo promotes a sense of camaraderie. Whether in the halls where Edwin Lowe introduced it in the early 20th century or over the Internet, what is truly the most thrilling part of this game is the participation of just about anyone from different walks of life.