Practicing for WPT

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:35

Practicing for WPT

How to become a better WPT player.

The World Poker Tour has been making millionaires out of seasoned poker pros and Internet amateurs turned live action qualifiers for years now. Texas Hold 'em has taken the world by storm and has been cultivating a steadily growing worldwide poker community since its introduction in the World Poker Tour.

Practice Makes Perfect
But if it's the serious prize pot money that one is aiming for, then it's definitely not gonna be a stroll down the streets of Vegas or a leisurely cruise on the Caribbean sea. If one is lucky and manages to snag a seat via a satellite casino, then everything's all set. But if not, there's that hefty buy-in for these prestigious events that one has to worry about. Now before anyone can go packing his or her bags to follow cool poker cash dreams, there is the matter of skill. Practicing for the World Poker Tour is a must before squandering one's hard-earned savings for a seat at the WPT matches.

Go Get That Game On
Practicing for WPT can be as laid back as going to a poker night at a friend's house to play for dimes and nickels, or as competitive as spending a couple of thousand dollars at a high stakes table in Vegas. For those strapped for cash, playing free poker online is the zero-risk way to go. But whatever practice method is preferred, one must always remember the Texas Hold 'em fundamentals. Learning this exciting poker version isn't difficult at all. However, the tricky turns and the risky rivers certainly make this game suspenseful and challenging, so aside from knowing the usual poker hands, one must also learn how to bet strategically.

To add to a player's poker prowess, there is also the matter of learning how to read. Pocket cards plus the flop, determine one's success at a hand. When reading the cards on the table with those two initial hands, one should keep in mind that there are many possible combinations that can be formed. Aside from checking out the card situation, keep a close eye on the other players and their cards as well. Try to figure out their strategies and try to spot any poker faux pas that they may not be aware of. Poker isn't merely a game of dumb luck or flashy card tricks; it's also a game of sharp thinking and quick decision making.

Lights, Camera, Action!
That's not a cue to put on make-up and smile for the camera during a media coverage of a WPT event. What this means is that one should always maintain that game face. Whether one is pretending to be weak or keeping a stoic character, a player must always stick to it. Never let any of the other players through that sneaky strategy.

No one can be a WPT champion overnight by just relying on luck. It takes a genuine interest in poker to really do well in this poker tour. Participating in the WPT can be a once in a lifetime opportunity so practicing for it is a must.