Ram Vaswani

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:45

Ram Vaswani

A poker biography of Ram Vaswani.

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Name - Ram Vaswani

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If there's one word to describe Ram Vaswani, it would have to be fearless. Like a "Crazy Horse" he was never fazed to beat all odds just to make it to a successful finish. His race for winning though, is one that can't be gauged in terms of the cash ins and money pots. For Ram Vaswani, losing is all part of the game, while money should never be the object for playing. Poker, for this European player, is a real life sport that all depends on how much you're willing to lose. Saying so, he is most popular for his radical swings of victory and defeat. In one day, he could lose all the money in the pocket. But if you think he could only be devastated, then you have got to know him real well. Otherwise famous as the "Crazy Horse" this label actually betrays his smooth and sometimes sensitive character on the table. Unlike others, he is more popular for his calculated risks than his crazy antics. But never underestimate Ram Vaswani. Beneath the calm and often laid back personality is a warrior who's ready to fight until the end.

This English poker celebrity was born in 1970 in London. He first laid hands on a poker card when he at the age of nine, while at 12, he would already dare play for more money or even candies with his friends. But despite his cunning poker skills, he first tried his luck in snooker. Though he was playing well, the "Crazy Horse" soon realized that he belongs to the poker world. With an impeccable instinct, it turned out to be just the best decision for his budding career. As such, his over-all tournament winnings now amount to more than $2, 300,000.

Vaswani became popular with his great tournament victories which, include winning the 1999 Dutch Master Classic, 2000 European Superbowl, and of course, the French Championship in 2002. These made him a formidable contender in different European Poker Tournaments. As critics would always say, Vaswani is indeed, among the best, especially after making it top spots in Midland Masters No-Limit Hold'em and the Poker Classics Pot-Limit Seven-Card Stud events for 2003. Although the "Crazy Horse" hasn't won himself the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet yet, he could only be just as close with incredible money finishes in the 2001 $3,000 No Limit Texas Hold 'em challenge and other runner-up success. But it was in 2004 that he got the luckiest hand in poker when he made it to three WSOP final tables.

This English poker player also earned himself a title of "The Looks" as the youngest and probably the most gorgeous of all "The Hendon Mob" with Joe Beevers, Barny and Ross Boatman as members of this popular poker group. Now married to Jackie, while living in Finchley with daughter Hollie, Ram Vaswani is among the promising European players today. A gambler by heart, he's never discouraged in losing. What matters most is how he plays the game and raise the stakes higher for a triumphant take.

If you're too afraid to risk it all or to even lose huge amounts of money, then you're better off working for a bank -- a crazy quote from the "Crazy Horse" himself! A gambler can only count on his instincts to defy all odds. Radical but sensitive, this is Ram Vaswani as a poker player.