Random Logic Software

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 19:08

Random Logic Software

Online casino sites by random logic software.

Random Logic Software
Known for being the casino software provider behind some of the pioneer batches of online casino industry, Random Logic software prides itself for having quite a strong background and remarkable reputation in the industry of online gambling. Like other gambling software such as Real-time Gaming Software and Net Entertainment Software, it was in 1996 when Random Logic software was founded by Israel Institute of Technology graduates. By 1997, the said software was then offered online. Currently, Random Logic software is owned by Cassava Enterprises. It is said that three famous online casinos in the World Wide Web uses this software to support their site.  

In terms of design, Random Logic-supported casinos favor simplicity rather than flamboyancy. The design leans more on the sophisticated side -- no flashy effects and active music to overwhelm the aura and add vibrancy to the site. And because of this preference, gaming sites powered by Random Logic exude an air of elegance and sophistication.

Aside from the design, the content also reflects a conservative ambiance. Only casino games that can be played in an actual casino are offered in the site. Games that are mainly made up with comical rules cannot be found in the page since it probably wants to maintain the classy appeal of the site to players that lean towards the high end of the society.

As a matter of fact, when you try to look closely at their Blackjack tables, you will see that  the set-ups are somehow similar to those in high-class Las Vegas casinos, making you feel as if you are actually there. The classic slots, on the other hand, looks more conservative compared to the trendy ones in other online casinos in the web. It looks like an actual slot machine that you can find in any Las Vegas casino. Obviously, they know who their market is, and they know how to attract them. From the content down to the design, the style brings out a classy taste which fit the preference of the high-class society.

Unlike other gaming softwares such as Boss Media Random Logic-supported casinos lack variety of games, but they make up for this by offering superb selections of these games that do not compromise on quality. What's more, they also award their loyal players quickly. These probably are the reasons why the sites are able to maintain a lot of loyal players. As a matter of fact, a particular survey shows that most online players have an account in at least one of the Random Logic online casinos in the Web.

Aside from being a software used behind established online casino sites, Random Logic is also used to improve and execute a processing system used for online transaction as well as tools that can be used to track and analyze marketing campaigns in the web.

This software started only with four video slots, sixteen classic slots, and seven video poker games. However, when its 7th version was released on October 2003, the years of improvement came up with a fruit of new fifteen slots, six video poker games, and five progressive jackpots. This only proves that even in the online gaming world, quality is always better than quantity.