Randy Holland

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:46

Randy Holland

A poker biography of Randy Holland.

Quick Information

Name - Randy Holland

Born - 1951, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Poker Room - Not Available


For Randy Holland, there's no looking back at the rearview mirror when what he has now is a promising future. It would actually be quite a surprise for a lawyer to actually give up his profession. This could be irrational for others, but leaving the government position he held for seven long years could only prove to be worthwhile. With no trace of regrets, Randy Holland now enjoys traveling around the world to always do what he loves most. In earning his living through poker, gambling is business mixed with pleasure for this poker celebrity, as he embraces all challenges from different world tournaments.

Although he practiced law in Florida, Randy Holland was born in Alberta, Canada, sometime in 1951. It was in Florida State University, however, that he earned his legal degree to pursue his dream as a real attorney. But in between court battles, Holland then felt a yearning to try something new. This poker pro first laid his hand on a poker game when he was already 40 years old. As such, it could have been said that there's no age limit for playing poker nor will it ever be a disadvantage to start a career later in the adult life. What Holland thought as a one year break from his work, turned out to be a lifelong passion for playing poker. Although he has a heart of a gambler, it was not easy for him. At that time, there was no poker room available in Florida. There's no actual poker circuit but a low-limit home game where this enthusiastic poker gambler honed his skill. With this, just imagine how it could have been for Randy Holland when he first played in a casino for the $1-$4 Seven-Card Stud in Las Vegas. Though it was not instant success with a series of flopped cards, he then developed a keen interest into learning this craft. Soon, Holland was nonetheless eager to search for more opportunities to visit Los Angeles and Las Vegas to learn new games and even play for the $4-$4-$8 Limit Hold'em event. Until the early 90s, when poker was introduced in Mississippi, this former lawyer would take a four-hour drive just to be part of the new poker circuit. Needless to say, Holland is not just fascinated, but already hooked on the poker game.

What sets him apart from other poker celebrities is his own incredible humility. Even with his decision to play poker full time, he was nonetheless very cautious at first in fully understanding the odds. This poker master doesn't even claim to read people so well nor to have an exceptional skill or memory. Instead, Holland could only cite discipline, patience, and pure luck as real ingredients to his poker success.

From the usual ring game of Limit Hold'em, this conservative player eventually ventured into more series of games. Patience and dedication then paid off for Holland, when he had his first major win at the Gold Coast in 1994 and later turned pro with two prestigious World Series of Poker titles under his belt -- the 1996 Razz and 2000 Stud High Low. Indeed, from home games, Holland was able to advance to bigger poker events that include No-Limit and Stud events.

Now married to wife Laurene with two kids, he enjoys his poker lifestyle to the fullest. Why not, when he visits Europe and other parts of the globe with a lovely companion who shares his passion with the thrill and profit of this game that now exceeds $2,425,000 from his own poker chest!