Randy Jensen

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:50

Randy Jensen

A poker biography of Randy Jensen.

Quick Information

Name - Randy Jensen

Born - 1970, Casper, Wyoming, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Randy Jensen is not a new name in the poker circuit. In fact, he has already won in a number of significant poker events. But what happens to his budding poker career is yet to be written by his own tale. Before he won a poker match and finished in money, like other gamblers, this American player had his own share of upswings and downfalls. One day he'd all be broke, the next day he'd be carrying a wad worth of cash from winning. Understanding the risk and the excitement it brings, Randy Jensen could only be another formidable figure on the poker table.

From Casper, Wyoming, Randy Jensen was born in 1970. He could have earned a degree and even pursue formal education. But with a sometimes lucky hand in poker and profitable real estate career as a broker, Jensen certainly has bigger dreams than a white-collar job. Although he was coached by Bill Duarte how to play the Pot Limit Hold'em, he could only be too honest to even admit that he flopped when he first played the game. Crazy and almost terrible, that's what other players on his table thought about him. Needless to say, the poker club where he frequently played in Fort Collins, Colorado witnessed the worst and probably the best of a nonetheless enthusiastic poker gambler.

Although his first attempts were not as successful as he opted them to be, still, poker is a thrilling experience that has always fascinated even the young Randy Jensen. He was only five years old then when he learned about poker, while in junior high, he would even push all seats together just to initiate a poker play. However, where else could he find the best of all games, but only in the great casino limelight of Las Vegas. This American gambler could only beam with much delight, as he would recount the good old days of his Vegas experience in 1997. In just three days, he already won $4,000 and from there, he went to California to take advantage of his winning streak giving Randy Jensen $30,000 as total bankroll after playing the $10-$20 Pot-Limit Omaha for two days. This incredible feeling of victory set him on a plane for the Four Queens, Las Vegas. But just as easy, Randy Jensen lost his money in merely one hour. He needed to borrow money just to get back home. Same thing happened in 2004, when Jensen was busted with all his money. But instead of giving up, his wife encouraged him to play some more with $20,000 on hand. Beating the odds, he played for the World Poker Tournament (WPT) $10,000 Buy-in challenge and surprisingly finished next to the grand prize winner, Barry Greenstein. He won $656,460 but much of Randy Jensen's victory is in confirming that indeed, what lies ahead is a promising career as a semi-pro player. After making it to the second place for the 2004 Jack Binion World Poker Open in Tunica and the grand prize in 2002 World Poker Open Limit Hold'em event, he's no longer just the hopeful poker gambler, but now, "The Dream Crusher." Worthy of this title, Randy Jensen is known to be highly competitive and very talkative on the green felt table.