Raymond Rahme

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 02:11

Raymond Rahme

A poker biography of Raymond Rahme.

Quick Information

Name - Raymond Rahme

Born - N/A

Current Residence - Johannesburg, South Africa

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - Ray Rahme


Raymond Rahme is of that age when he can just look forward to spending quality time with family and friends, and maybe playing a little golf. Little did Rahme know that his long-time poker hobby would lead him to fame and fortune beyond his years of working in his own business.

Rahme has always been a Seven Card Stud kind of guy. Even when Hold’em poker grew into immense popularity, he stuck with his game. But then out of curiosity, Rahme decided to get to know Hold’em poker. In learning the game, he realized that it was as challenging as Seven Card Stud, and satisfied his need for competition more. At the same time, he liked that the game required some aggression to win – which he thought he had the knack for.

As soon as he honed his Hold’em skills, he began to join live and online tournaments. He made it to several final table events at the All African Poker Championship. Eventually, this got him the chance to fly to Las Vegas and try his luck at the WSOP in July 2007. The experience here was awe-inspiring – to be just one of more than six thousand of the world’s best poker players. After days of strategizing and analyzing, he made it to the final table and had a real chance of winning big time. He eventually placed third and pocketed as much as $3,048,025 in winnings. This event also was the first time an African player made it to the final table of world poker’s main event.

Rahme was back in the scene by January 2008. He finished at 46th place at the Aussie Millions event. Here he earned $21, 976. After which, he ranked among the top 30 in the European Poker Tour Season Four of PokerStars.com; he earned $67,124 from this event. By June of this year, he was again at the All Africa Poker Championship. He won the event and took home $125,000 in prize money.

Even with the fame and money he’s gotten from the game, Rahme insists that poker is merely a hobby. Even so, his record speaks of one seriously lucrative hobby. He has won more than three million dollars so far. Rahme  is also the only senior to appear in the final table of the 2007 championship. He is also now part of the Team PokerStars Pro, under the screen name “Ray Rahme.” All this was astoundingly achieved in such a short amount of time.

Outside poker, Rahme likes spending his time with his family. He has six children, who, even in their adulthood, can be hard to handle. He also takes to his other hobby, golf, every now and then. Before he retired and joined the world of professional poker, he owned and managed a bed and breakfast.

In all, Rahme’s outstanding performance, even at a ripe old age, proves that anyone with a smart mind and the right attitude can take to poker, as a hobby or to become one of the pros.