Reading Poker Players

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:46

Reading Poker Players

Knowing your competitions poker moves.

It's true that a shark in the ocean has to keep moving if it wants to remain alive. In the same way, poker players have to keep on learning new things and skills to be able to survive in the world of poker. If you're not able to adapt, change, and learn from your mistakes, you'll just keep on losing to people belonging to a higher skill grade.

Aside from learning the basic poker-playing skills, you also have to continuously improve your strategies by absorbing and learning new information. The ability to do so sets apart winning poker players from regular poker buffs.

Reading poker players by anticipating their moves

Excellent players are just like sponges in terms of absorbing data unknowingly given by competitors through their tells, facial expressions, and mannerisms. There are world-class players who are experts in putting on their poker faces especially when bluffing, but the good thing is that there are very few players who can consistently do this. Most players would unknowingly give enough tells or information when bluffing, giving the opponents a chance to figure them out and tell whether they're bluffing or not. When reading poker players, the signs are usually there, just like the text on a novel. All you need to do is to decode and read the signs. This is why exceptional poker players act as excellent code breakers when they're reading their opponents.

In most instances, it's always more difficult to actually determine how your opponent will bluff his or her way out than to tell if he or she is bluffing or not. A more difficult task is to actually determine what a player will do before he or she bluffs. Knowing whether a player is bluffing or not is a basic poker skill. Anticipating what your opponent will actually do before he or she does it is a skill that's worth mastering if you want to be a winning poker player.

Reading poker players and playing football

Poker can also be considered similar to a football game. This is because in a football game, anticipating your opponents' moves is crucial. The defensive backs must be good in anticipating the moves of the quarterbacks. Reading a scenario is a key skill in the sport. There are even instances in a football game wherein one has to start moving even before the ball goes up to the air for him or her to have ample time to intercept the opponents' strategy.

Remember, if you do not know how to properly read your opponents in a poker game, then expect to lose pot after pot. Assuming you are out of position, what must be done is to get an idea of the opponent's actions - what his or her response would be if you bet or call.
Reading your opponents is crucial. The ability to read your opponents, when combined with other strategies such as doing mental calculations of difficult odds, will definitely help you in becoming a champion poker player.