Rehne Pedersen

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:21

Rehne Pedersen

A poker biography of Rehne Pedersen.

Quick Information

Name - Rehne Pedersen

Born - Denmark

Poker Room - Not Available


Rehne Pedersen's first attempt on poker was on the Internet. The virtual interaction and the fun drawn out from it were the main reasons why he played fervently online poker games. This hobby cum lucrative business turned his small investments into a capital big enough to venture on higher stakes. That is why in 2005, Rehne Pedersen entered the world poker scene and joined the league of big boys playing in live poker tournaments. In no time at all, he immediately earned recognition from poker enthusiasts for his ability to dominate the tables and cash in big time like he did in the online poker tourneys.

2005: A Big Year for Pedersen
The summer of 2005 played witness to the rise of this poker star who hails from Denmark. Rehne Pedersen did an impressive job in the World Series of Poker events twice, bagging enough cash prize. He took home his winning back to his homeland in Europe but his luck seems to reside in the U.S. That's why in December of 2005, Rehne Pedersen went back to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, to try his luck again. This time, he ended at the final table of the World Poker Tour's Five Diamond World Poker Classic main event. At stake at that time is the WPT title whopping prize money amounting to over $2 million, which Rehne Pedersen successfully seized from the Finnish professional poker player Patrik Antonius. It was an unexpected victory which gave instant fame to this newbie in the live poker tournaments scene.

2006: A Bigger Year for Pedersen
Although the surprising win of Rehne Pedersen against the Finnish poker master earned him popularity, the spotlight was on him for too short a time. The temporary glory further motivated Pedersen to advance his poker career. So in 2006, it was proven to be not a futile effort when Pedersen managed to inch his way to the 27th place of the 2006 World Poker Tour World Championship. Moreover, he also landed on the final table of Denmark's Showdown Poker tour in the second half of the same year.

2007: Reaching for the Top
Although Rehne Pedersen caught the attention of the spotlight, only a few people have seen him under it. Why? Because in the poker world, illustriousness quickly vanishes, unless you do something to steal back the spotlight. And that was just what he did when just recently, he came in as second placer in the $300 limit hold’em event at the Betfair Asian Poker Tour in Singapore. Unlike many other poker players, Rehne Pedersen's impressive 1,000 WPT points were earned from joining only two World Poker Tour championships. That means the nearly $2.5 million total earnings he has now were taken only from playing twice in the prestigious WPT events. Rehne Pedersen surely has a lot of tricks kept under his sleeves so watch out poker masters, expect the name Pedersen to take your sought after seats in the future.