Gambling online in India - Now one of the biggest online casino and betting markets

2020-07-06 11:56
The great nation of India in southern Asia is not only the 7th biggest country in the world, it is the second most populous. With a history of harsh gambling laws, the online gambling giants race for the east as the world makes a significant discovery: While gambling in India is not legal, neither is online gambling illegal. The realization that the 200 year old gambling laws do not affect online gambling suddenly means that 1,3 billion people who were previously unable to gamble can pick and choose as they like among foreign online companies.

As the Indian gamblers find their way out on the web, many questions still plague them: How to find a good betting website? Is gambling really legal? What casino games have the highest wins? Hopefully this article will shed some light in these questions, and maybe a few more.

How to find a good online casino or betting website?

Most players think that finding a new gambling portal is a challenge. There are many things to consider such as bonuses, licenses, safety, deposit methods and customer service availability. Now imagine facing all of these issues without having ever had access to online gambling before. It is easy to understand why many Indian gamblers feel uneasy about making the transition into the online gambling world. In order to help with their decision making, some turn to comparison websites such as These are websites that rank the different companies based on a number of relevant factors. They make sure to only recommend trustworthy operators. Punters who feel unsure about doing all of the research themselves can use these free websites to locate their next gambling porta.

Is gambling in India really legal?

Traditionally, gambling regulations are set by the different Indian states themselves. To help guide them through the process they use the Public Gambling Act, published in 1867. As you can imagine, these documents are much out of date. They declare state lotteries and horse racing, which is considered a skill, to be legal. All other forms of casino, betting and gambling is banned. This law, however, does not mention or include gambling online.

This loophole has allowed Indian gamblers to visit foreign companies on the internet for their gambling needs. Using this solution, neither Indian punters or the gambling companies break any Indian law. In fact, the opening up of the online gambling market has made the Indian government reflect over the old laws. Some states are loosening the rules around gambling, and many speculate that it is only a matter of time before India makes all forms of gambling legal, and regulate rather than ban it.

Q&A - Common questions and answers regarding Indian gambling online

Before we round this article up, let us first address some of the more common questions and worries regarding the Indian online gambling market. If you need further information regarding online casino, follow this link to learn how to play online.

Q: Is online gambling in India legal?
A: Short answer, it is not legal, but also not illegal. From a legal standpoint, you are safe.

Q: I have heard that depositing money is difficult?
A: Some Indian banks are troublesome when it comes to depositing money to gambling websites, this is true. To dodge these issues, Indian punters use payment methods such as Skrill, PayTM, AstroPay and PhonePe.

Q: Which games give the biggest wins?
A: For the online casino that would be the progressive jackpot slots. These slot machines can award up to tens of millions of pounds. For betting, aim for advanced combined bet slips with multiple choices.

Q: Can I play my favourite Indian games?
A: Probably. The online casinos are experts, and they know what the players want. Rest assured that you can find everything from Andar Baahar to Teen Patti and Bingo online.
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