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All Bingo Club: Online Bingo with a Personal Twist

One of the newest stars in the online bingo industry is the All Bingo Club. While there are many of online casinos and bingo clubs to choose from, All Bingo Club has a lot to offer. Basically, this bingo club offers all of the essentials needed for playing online bingo along with some extra features, games, and bonuses. Read on to find out more about everything that All Bingo Club has to offer you.

Three-step setup process

One of the best things about All Bingo Club is their three-step process to join and begin playing. The first step is the registration process. Be prepared to hand out some of your personal data, including your name, email address, and home address. Second, login to the site and receive your free £5 for joining All Bingo Club. This £5 registration bonus is just one of the many bonuses that you can get at this bingo club. On your first deposit, you can earn up to a £100 bonus; other bonuses can be gained through participation in community events. The third step is to find a room and begin playing bingo or any of the other games offered at All Bingo Club.

Games at All Bingo Club

The biggest game at All Bingo Club is 90 Ball Bingo. This is a fully featured game that people can play directly from their Internet browser. The only software that needs to be installed is a Flash player, which normally comes pre-installed on computers and Internet browsers. Games run 24 hours a day, with ten games per hour. All you need to do is login and join one of these sessions. Progressive jackpots games are available, as well as ranked prize games. Some of the other types of casino games available at All Bingo Club include slots, roulette, video poker, and various mini games.

Being one with the community

One of the interesting aspects of All Bingo Club is its community features. The community forum features room threads where people from certain online bingo rooms can come together and share their thoughts, stories, and pictures. These community support features often include prizes and rewards for people with interesting stories to tell. Not only does All Bingo Club support the customer community, but it gives people incentives to participate in the community as well.

Gameplay features

All Bingo Club makes use of an intuitive interface that makes playing, chatting, and interacting with other players simple, easy, and fun. Most of the online bingo and online casino sites only feature chat boxes for players to communicate with one another. The All Bingo Club interface has shortcut features for easy clicking. These shortcuts include frequently used expressions in chat and in poker. The sounds and graphics associated with the interface make the game more amusing than regular chat boxes. If you are looking to start playing online bingo, you may just want to head over to the All Bingo Club site and see all of the other features they have to offer. Try it out for yourself – after all, you do get £5 free.

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