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Ruby Bingo properly belongs to the growing list of online bingo sites that offer the special feature of allowing players to upload their photos. However, with the other sites, player photos merely get posted. With Ruby Bingo, however, player photos not only get posted just anywhere within the site, they are posted on the players' chat boxes. This gives players the big advantage of actually seeing what the person they are communicating within the chat boxes look like, thus players are not merely limited to simple names.

Another interesting feature of the site is the way it treats its players. We are not only referring to the bonuses that are actually quite generous. We are actually referring more to the feature in the site where the names of players who get to win in big games appear in a section specifically reserved for them. A scroll bar at the opening page of the site presents a list of winners including the date they won and the prize amount. This can become a source of inspiration for players to play even more games as well as a source of personal pride, knowing that the players were able to achieve something significant in their lives.

Of course, if it is the game offerings that you are really after, then Ruby Bingo features some really great options. Apart from the regular bingo games, which come in various game formats, the site also offers slot machine games and scratch card games. The beauty of these games is that players have the choice to purchase the cards before hand, which means they can purchase the cards even before they actually make use of them. Plus, if players initially prefer bingo cards, then want a set of scratch cards thereafter, they simply click for them in the site lobby and the desired cards will pop up atop their bingo cards.

Then there is the welcome bonus for new players where an initial $120 incentive awaits them once they register as new members. Thereafter, they can expect to receive another $120 bonus for every succeeding deposit. This will especially come in handy in case players feel that they are ready to engage in big-time Ruby Bingo games.

However, apart from the sign-up awards, there are other interesting features that players can look forward to once they sign up with Ruby Bingo. One of these is the player history tab, where they are presented with everything that they have done at the site including the games they have participated in, how much money they have won so far, how much they have actually lost, how much the different game cards cost, and how much they spent for their gaming expenditures. This becomes helpful, particularly if players wish to keep track of their progress or find ways of improving their games so they will not end up losing too much.

In cases when assistance may be needed, players need not worry. Ruby Bingo features a customer service that is always available at any given time. Additionally, it has an email address and a chat room where friendly chat hosts are always around to address any concern that players may have.

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