Buzz Bingo Partner with Playtech to Expand Collection of Bingo and Casino Games Open Buzz Bingo Partner with Playtech to Expand Collection of Bingo and Casino Games

Nov 13, 2018
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Buzz Bingo have consolidated their rebrand earlier in the year by announcing a collaboration with Playtech, with the supplier of online gaming software giving Buzz Bingo the platform to expand and diversify their content. The purpose of Buzz Bingo's rebrand was to revitalise the company's image while helping to reach out to a younger demographic of bingo players. The partnership of Playtech should aid in the provision a more intuitive platform to play bingo and casino games, thereby catering for a generation accustomed to technological ease. 

Playtech's experience in gambling software is not only facilitating an increase in the number and range of bingo and casino games available, but they are also bringing an IMS player management platform to the table. Buzz Bingo will also adopt a CRM solution from Playtech, with the intention of creating a more supportive online and retail environment.

This partnership with Playtech will enable Buzz Bingo to better serve a new generation of bingo players. The trend of younger players filling the bingo halls and the bingo websites has long been identified within the industry, with BBC News reporting back in 2016 how efforts to appeal to a more youthful clientele were becoming intensified. This changing demographic of bingo players was the key contributing factor to Buzz Bingo's rebrand, with The Telegraph citing the company's intentions to appeal to a younger audience as an influence behind the revamp of 124 bingo venues across the country. 

However, the aspiration of revitalising bingo halls is not the end of the project from Buzz Bingo and Playtech. The future will see the two companies collaborate in order to develop a more natural synchronisation of Buzz Bingo's physical and online options, notably through a full retail player account base migration to the IMS. Appealing to a generation more accustomed to technology is achieved through presenting a choice between traditional bingo games and more unconventional fare.

This choice is presented in both the bingo hall and the website. Currently, Buzz Bingo players have the option to play themed interpretations of the classic game, with one bingo game taking inspiration from classic gameshow Deal or No Deal. Providing games with dedicated themes is vital to attract and retain a new audience. The Independent reported in 2017 that the average Brit's attention span is just 14 minutes, partly a result of the growing distraction of smartphones. Buzz Bingo and Playtech are aware of these changing expectations of bingo and have adjusted their strategy accordingly. Themed games with rich visual detail are more effective at creating an immersive experience in comparison with traditional bingo and casino games.

This is not to say that there is no place for classic bingo and casino games. Many will prefer the nostalgia of a straightforward bingo game, while others will appreciate bingo with a twist. Access to the Playtech Open Platform has allowed Buzz Bingo to provide a substantial selection of bingo and casino games, with more collaborations with content providers set to emerge over the coming months.

The link between Buzz Bingo and Playtech is the natural step following the former's rebrand and arrives at an apposite time to cater for a changing demographic of bingo players. There was a time when bingo halls may have seemed old-fashioned in the eyes of younger generations, but now it is that perception instead that appears archaic.