Richard Lee

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:26

Richard Lee

A poker biography of Richard Lee.

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Name - Richard Lee

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No one ever thought that this golden boy from Texas would soon make its way through a total of 8,773 participants for the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event. What came out as a surprise is how Richard Lee has managed to make it to the final six. Though he didn't get the WSOP bracelet the way Maciek Gracz did, life has never been the same after the tournament. At 55, Richard Lee no longer remained anonymous but has suddenly become more famous not only to his wife and kids but to his San Antonio fans. Indeed, he now enjoys a celebrity status in the world of poker tourneys.

Richard Lee Before the WSOP Tourney

Richard Lee is not a stranger to success. As a matter of fact, before the Hawaiian-born amateur player even won any poker event, he's been doing well as an investor. With a picture-perfect family, he's always been a good provider to his wife and three children. So, it doesn't have to come out a surprise at all when he admitted in an interview that he didn't care much about the money though he went home a multi-millionaire with $2,803,851. At sixth place for the No Limit Hold'em event, Richard Lee not only found his niche in poker tourneys but has certainly made his city of San Antonio in Texas really proud.

The Poker Player in Richard Lee

Richard Lee may have lost his entire chips to Jamie Gold in an all-in-move at the 2006 WSOP but if there's one thing that even critics admire about him, it's his willingness to take chances and invest in big pots like Roland de Wolfe. In fact, only on his first day at the final table, he came close to third place, which is not bad considering that he was just behind poker legends Allen Cunningham and 2006 WSOP champion, Jamie Gold. At one point during the series of intense play, Richard Lee, also known as "Chinaman," even earned a pile of poker chips worth $20,000,000. Considering that it would only be his second year to join the WSOP tournament, his success is considered by many as surprising and to some extent, shocking. But before that, he already made it to the 12th spot for the No Limit Hold'em match at the Orleans Open in 2000 and the 2005 main event of Larry Flynt's Grand Slam of Poker in Los Angeles.

The One-on-One with Jamie Gold

With a solid play like Richard Lee's, everybody almost predicted that he'd make it to the final rounds. Considering that he won pots without checking a hand, who would have thought that he would have a one-on-one with 2006 WSOP champion Jamie Gold earlier than expected? Still, it was one of the best plays in the match. Without a slightest trace of doubt, Jamie Gold re-raised the pot as Richard Lee went for an all-in. They both have a strong hand even before the flop. But in the end, Lee's pocket Jacks proved to be a no match to Gold's pair of Queens. Fortunately, all that matters now to this poker player from Texas is how he took his chance in a once in a million opportunity, reminiscent of Andy Black and Stu Ungar's heads up match.

The News Maker

A man known for turning down advertisement deals from prestigious online poker companies, Richard Lee carries no other name but San Antonio that's proudly written across his favorite shirt. However, if Richard Lee continues to hit the headlines even after the poker tourney, it's because of an alleged illegal gambling operation. Reports confirmed that his bank accounts are frozen after a house search. Though police officials claim that they have a pile of evidence against him, no formal charge has been filed against Richard Lee. Despite this, more people from San Antonio, Texas still considers him as a local hero.