Rob Hollink

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:52

Rob Hollink

A poker biography of Rob Hollink.

Quick Information

Name - Rob Hollink

Born - The Netherlands

Poker Room - Not Available


Professional poker player Rob Hollink started quite young in the gambling world, although not necessarily in poker. He actually began with a jackpot victory in a slots game when he was just 14 years old. The win introduced the young Hollink to an interesting thought: to get to earn a living by just playing games.

The dream stuck with Hollink for a long time while he pursued his studies. On the side, he tried to work on improving his gambling skills, many times creating his own personalized game strategy, a process that he found out to be not optimally effective.

Just like most novice players, Hollink also made use of game calculators in determining the odds of a certain play. Interestingly, he used the device, not in poker games, but in blackjack, his initial game preference. The calculator proved to be a disaster, as Hollink went bankrupt for several years.

Still, he went on, even got to study econometrics, during which time, over a hundred casinos began sprouting in his neighborhood, The Netherlands. In Germany and in Holland, there were around 500 of these, many of them run by private individuals. By this time, Hollink was engaged in a different game, roulette, which he found to be relatively easier. He then abandoned his studies and became a roulette player for about six years.

On the side, Hollink learned many other related matters, specifically progressive jackpots, which gradually prepared him for yet another different game -- poker.

Initially, Hollink engaged in poker games just for fun, especially when there were no other games available for play. Eventually, however, he learned to appreciate the game, specifically that in the MCOP held every November in Amsterdam, a tournament that he participated in once every year, and which he still considers up to now as one of his favorite events.

It was in 2001 that Hollink decided to treat poker games more seriously. This was after he won big-time in a major tournament in Paris. From there, Hollink became a constant face in many European poker tournaments, faring exceedingly well in Hold'em and Omaha games and registering one victory after another in Austria, Paris, Amsterdam, and Birmingham.

Hollink soon moved up to the major tournaments, making several appearances in the WSOP in various events, all in the same year, 2005, and finishing in relatively respectable places. The highlight of his poker career, however, will have to be none other than the 2005 No-Limit Hold'em European Poker Tour Grand Finals where he had to do battle with 211 other players, including the likes of Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker, French pop singer Patrick Bruel, and tennis star Yefgeny Kafelnikove. Hollink knocked them all down to eventually take first place and the grand prize of 650,000 Euros. Not surprisingly, prior to winning the event, a fellow Dutchman and poker player, Marcel Luske, quietly predicted that Hollink is an EPT champion in the making. Either he was just being biased, or he simply knew what he was talking about.

Hollink currently resides in Groningen, Holland and spends most of his time either visiting the various poker tournaments in The Netherlands or playing the game himself. Otherwise, he spends his free time taking care of his children from his former wife.