Rob Varkonyi

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:53

Rob Varkonyi

A poker biography of Rob Varkonyi.

Quick Information

Name - Rob Varkonyi

Born - Not Available

Poker Room - Inter Poker


Rob Varkonyi is one unique poker player because his better half, Olga Varkonyi, also happens to be involved in poker. His wife was a major participant in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, and eventually Olga ended up as one of many chip leaders during the second day of that particular tournament.

For his part, Rob distinguished himself as a force to reckon with in online poker when he won first place in the Main Event of the 2002 WSOP and walked away with a cool $2 M cash prize. Soon after his victory, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The girl, proudly christened Victoria, is now more than two years old and ostensibly given the name in honor of Robert's WSOP win in 2002.

Currently making New York as his residence, Rob, or Robert, was a former Goldman-Sachs executive, serving as company vice-president. He was also involved for a time with Wall Street, building trading systems. The lure of the game, however, beckoned and since then, Rob has never looked back, playing in as many game tournaments as he can.

At the same time, however, Rob tries to get some real work done. His present involvement with InterPoker is something that he particularly enjoys since they sponsor him in several game tournaments. In return, he does some system consultation for the poker company.

Professionally, Rob has played in about four to five major poker tournaments, particularly in the Professional Poker Tours. He also regularly visits Foxwoods and Atlantic City whenever he has the time. He tried to make another go at the WSOP Main Event two years ago, but unfortunately went out right on the first day of the tournament.

Poker is slowly taking much of Varkonyi's time, but he is obviously not complaining. In fact, he proudly shares the fact that he has gotten involved in different poker projects, such as the production of a poker instructional video entitled 'Wise Guys on Texas Hold'em' which featured a few of the people included in the TV program, 'The Sopranos' . He was also in the documentary, 'Poker Kings' alongside other poker stars, notably Phil Hellmuth.

Rob also developed a casino game along with a friend, but the project proved to be relatively unsuccessful. Presently, he is doing various charity poker events, apart from giving poker speeches in different venues.

With the many distinctions credited to his name, it comes as a surprise that Rob actually considers himself to be a semi-professional player. What he is carefully keeping his eyes on at present is how his Russian wife performs as a player, whom he personally coached on the basics of the game. Apart from being involved in poker, Olga also happens to be an interpreter and translator.

Rob says that he considers both Olga and their daughter Victoria as the two greatest experiences in his life. He says he is hoping that he will get to live the kind of life that perfectly balances his love for the game with that of his work and his family.