Robert Williamson III

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:59

Robert Williamson III

A poker biography of Robert Williamson III.

Quick Information

Name - Robert Williamson III

Born - 1970, Granbury, Texas, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Robert Williamson III was a successful businessman prior to becoming a poker player. He even holds two business-related degrees namely, Bachelor in Business Administration, with Real Estate and Finance as his two fields of concentration, which he both earned at Angelo State University in Texas.

Armed with two well-earned degrees, Williamson then embarked on a successful business career, excelling in the fields of real estate and in restaurant management. In fact, he even got to own a restaurant, the Pancake Kettle House, which has ten branches scattered in four US states.

Yet, Williamson put all of those achievements aside and concentrated on his alternate career, that of a professional poker player. The gamble proved to be highly successful, as Williamson has been able to constantly take part in some of the major tournaments in the poker world, and finishing in very respectable places. His second place ranking in the $5,000 WSOP Pot-limit Omaha two years ago, where he took home $350,380 in prizes, is especially worth mentioning.

Actually, it does not come as a big surprise that Williamson would find poker games to be very attractive. At the tender age of five, he recalls being asked by his father to get drinks and sandwiches for him and his friends while they engage in a good round of poker. The exposure prepared him early for the gambling world, such that when he reached the of age ten, he was already playing poker.

Williamson says his favorite poker variation is the Pot-limit Omaha, which partly explains his excellent performance in the said event of the 2005 WSOP where he finished second. Prior to that, he also took home the bacon in two other similar poker events namely the $5,000 WSOP Pot-limit Omaha held in 2002 and the World Poker Open Pot-limit Omaha held in 2003.

Nevertheless, Williamson also shows great potential in other poker events, just like the great performance that he put up in the 2005 WSOP No-limit Hold'em and in the 2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Event 20 where he was ranked at eleventh and at tenth places respectively.

As for side games, the Granbury, Texas native said he prefers lowball games, particularly the triple-draw versions. Additionally, he said that he also finds mixed poker games and the lower-staked Pot-limit games quite interesting.

Williamson said his dream is to get to participate in as many poker tournaments as he can, and to eventually get to wear one of those WSOP bracelets. Of course, a victory in other major poker events, particularly one at the World Poker Tour, is something that Williamson will most definitely welcome as well. With this dream in mind, he admits that he has developed this preparation ritual the moment he reaches the final table of any poker event. Two hours before the game, he studies the factors present, like what type of tournament is he playing in, his chip placement, how well he plays the said event based on his previous record, and other similar factors. From there, he customizes his strategy so he can come out as the event winner.

Asked if he has any regrets about leaving the world of business, Williamson said he has none. He rightfully observes that unlike other people who are deep into their work, he is able to enjoy a vacation several times in a year, something he could never do if he was still involved in business.