Ron Rose

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:00

Ron Rose

A poker biography of Ron Rose.

Quick Information

Name - Ron Rose

Born - 1944, Vancouver, Washington, United States

Poker Room - Not AVailable


Prior to his stint in the poker field, Ron Rose held several high-profile jobs that other people his age would surely love to have if they were given the chance. For starters, he was an officer for the U.S. Air Force, serving as a captain. He was also involved with the American Stock Exchange as one of its members. Finally, he was doing good as a businessman, effectively making use of his degree in Mathematics, which he earned at the University of Massachusetts.

Ostensibly though, Washington-born Rose was not happy with that kind of life. He longed to do something that he thoroughly enjoyed, but at the same time provide him significant profits. Although he occasionally gets to play a good round of bridge, a game that he has successfully mastered, his greatest dream was to be able to play poker opposite the game veterans. This was a dream that he held since his childhood days.

In the year 2000, Ron made a decision to finally fulfill that dream. He signed up at Binion's Horseshoe for the World Series of Poker where he got to play against several great players, before going out with a fairly respectable ranking.

Still, Rose was unsatisfied, because he wanted more of the same and to be able to do even better in terms of game performance. He then decided to play in Europe where he felt that he can learn more about game strategies and other similar matters. Apparently, his observation was accurate, because that very same year, he appeared three times at the final table of the Aviation Club de Paris December tournament.

The following year, Ron returned to the same tournament, and in a span of just one week, he chalked up three straight victories. In the summer version of the Aviation Club tournament, Ron was accorded the title 'best all-around player' . A year later, he got to win two more Aviation Club events.

Armed with his virtual conquest of European poker, Ron then shifted his attention at the World Poker Tour in 2002, eventually coming up with one definite goal, which is, to become one of those who will compose the final table.

Rose was successful in his attempt. He did make it to the WPT finals, but he was unable to finish the game, as he got eliminated in the early goings. Nevertheless, the setback only served to inspire him to aspire for better things.

In 2003, Rose was focused on the idea of redeeming himself at the WPT. With this as his guide, he was able to reach the final leg of the World Poker Challenge held in Reno, eventually bagging first place.

Additionally, Ron also got to take part in another major World Poker Tour event, the WPT Invitationals, where ten former WPT champions were the main combatants. For Ron, this was the realization of his childhood dream, so he immediately accepted the invitation to become a participant.

The event was aptly called 'Battle of Champions', and in the course of the tournament, Ron began to see the fruition of a long-cherished dream. He performed exceedingly well, so much so that at the end of the game, he was the hands-down over-all winner.